Sunday, August 24, 2014

Post 2752 - Not Yet!

I have been patiently waiting throughout the day for Monday to get here so that I can look forward to reading the digital edition of Frank Magazine come lunch time. But earlier today I received an email from Andrew Douglas, my boss at Frank, that the digital edition will not appear until Thursday, while the print edition will still come out on Wednesday as it usually does. I am guessing this has to do with the staff being on vacation these past few weeks and that there is some effort to putting the digital edition together.

This means that I must wait until Wednesday for the world to see my Ron Roberts interview. And that I wished away the weekend for no good reason.

Instead, I wish away the next two days. I wish it were Wednesday morning and I could go to the Superstore across the street from my work and get the latest issue of Frank and see how the interview turned out. I'm told it's about 8750 words long, which is about 1000 words less than what I sent Andrew. I am curious to know what was cut, and why, at least in the context of learning what kinds of things I should cut myself from interviews going forward.

Wednesday can't get here soon enough!

We did wile away the hours today watching a show called "Finding Carter". By all rights, we should not be seeing this program. It is broadcast on MTV and is about a 16 year old girl who learns that the woman she thinks is her mother, is actually the woman who kidnapped her from her true family years ago. She goes to live with her true family, but the kidnapper is still out there trying to get her back. The writing is sharp. The actors are terrific. And it has a good heart.

But I still wish it were Wednesday.

Maybe someone could knock me into one of those TV and movie comas, where someone is rendered unconscious by a blunt object and wakes up with no more ill effects than perhaps a small headache. Let's make this happen.

See you tomorrow. Which is Monday, two days before Wednesday. Which is when the latest Frank comes out.


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