Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Post 2755 - My Blog

Hello. This blog post is mostly meant for the folks who are discovering Bevboy's Blog.They are likely finding me because of my massive interview with Ron Roberts, which appears in the current issue (#697) of Frank Magazine.

See: Here I am, holding a copy.

Anyway, my name is Bevboy. There is a long story about how I got this nickname, but I have had it for more than half my life. In 2007 I decided to start this blog, and in 2008 I began interviewing radio people for it. People have told me that my interviews have inspired them to enter the radio profession. I apologize.

I write about all kinds of things, other than radio. I have a keen interest in local history. By "local", I mostly mean the Halifax area and parts of the Annapolis Valley.

I write about my cat, a tuxedo feline named Newbie. He is the size of a lynx these days. Every time he jumps on me, I think it is to tear off my head and piss down my neck. He is almost strong enough to do that.

And I have written a series of posts that are all about different years in my life, going back to when I was 4.

I have 2754 posts before this that you should catch up on. Many hours of good reading here. But then again, I am biased.

I hope that having discovered me, you come along for the ride. I promise to try not to bore you.

See you tomorrow.


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