Thursday, August 28, 2014

Post 2756 - Thursday

Is it the weekend yet? No? Drat!

One day to go till I am off work for 4 days. We will go to the cottage either Friday night (hah!) or Saturday morning (more likely). At the cottage, in addition to sitting around and staring lovingly at one another, we have to mow the lawn and stain the front and back deck. All the work here at the house was good practice for the upcoming ordeal.

People think that owning a cottage is just a walk in the park, but they don't think about the time it takes to keep the place up, nor the cost thereof either. I'm not complaining, just explaining that there is actual work to keeping a place up. I realize you don't care.

I pick up my first cheque from my editor at Frank Magazine tomorrow. I was going to ask Patricia to pick it up for me, but this is the first of what I hope to be a string of such cheques, so I want to get the first one myself.

And Andrew wrote today to inform me that I have my very own email address at Frank. Going forward, if you want to write me, you can either use the main address associated with this blog, or at this one. The latter is configured to forward automatically to the former, so knock yourself out.

I have already been working on my first regular column for the next issue of Frank. You will just have to wait and see what I write about when it comes out the week after next. I figure that if I can just get two columns printed, then I will have beaten the record of disgraced Senator Patrick Brazeau, who was canned by Frank after two really crappy columns. Well, really, it was one and a half.

I started to watch "The Strain" last night through Plex. I figured it was a show about a guy who ate three pounds of cheese and got bunged up, but no! It's about vampires and an ancient and evil scourge. I hate false advertising. I should contact the producers.

After all, I know have a bully pulpit.

See you tomorrow.


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