Saturday, August 30, 2014

Post 2757 - Saturday

Hi.  Sorry I didn't write on Friday. I had a headache when I got home and pretty much went timberrrr last evening. I wish I could predict when I get a migraine, but I can't. They can happen at any time really. Good days at work. Bad days at work. During vacation. Beginning of a long weekend. Whatever.

We are still in the city.  We will be driving to the cottage shortly, after Patricia rests a little longer. She has a headache today. I didn't give her the headache, by the way. I gave her the pain in the ass that she always claims to have.

When she does get up, I will find a way to sneak Newbie into his carrier and then toss it with him in it into the car. Added to that will be some other things we are taking up there. We will return to the city on Tuesday afternoon sometime.

This morning we went to a breakfast buffet on Quinpool Road. A place that's been there forever called The Athens. I dipped into the money Frank Magazine paid me yesterday and treated her and me to this breakfast. Saves the time and trouble to cook something here.

Yes, I got my first pay cheque from Frank yesterday. Nice to say I have another source of income for a change.

I have already begun working on my first regular column for Frank. My deadline is this coming Thursday. I hope to be able to continue this column for some time, although it depends on feedback from readers and sales. So, buy lots of copies and say nice things to Andrew Douglas, don't you?

Time to pack a couple of things and head on out.

See you tomorrow.


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