Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Post 2785 - Tuesday

Just past 11pm. I will turn in shortly.

Been a long day. I spent my lunch hour giving my resume a last pass and made sure that a covering letter was in good shape. I applied for another job today, and we will see how far that it takes me.

This evening I spent a couple hours writing my next column for Frank. I had taken a bunch of notes in the last few days, but didn't actually write any of it until tonight. The hell of it is that after I had produced a rough draft, I shut down Abiword and then immediately re-opened the document. Somehow, it got garbled. Hundreds of words were no longer there. Paragraphs were merged. Large blocks of text were in bold face. And the font had somehow changed to Courier.

I was able to re-construct the text, which took me a good 45 minutes or so. Some things, I think I worded better the second time, actually. I saved it in my Dropbox and backed it up on a local hard drive as well. The correct version, all 1094 words of it, is on this other desktop of mine. I will also put it on a thumbdrive so that I can do a final pass of it during my lunch hour on Wednesday and send it off to Andrew.

Toastmasters meeting tomorrow. Will be home late, which means I will be starving by the time I do get home, as I have to hang around until Patricia finishes her Pilates class. Which further means that Newbie will be pretty hungry as well. Which means I won't have time to watch any of the new shows tomorrow.

Done a lot of writing tonight, so I think I will give my hands a break and bid you adieu.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Post 2784 - Monday


It is past 10:30. I will turn in shortly.

Been a long day. Any Monday that involves work is a long day. We are still coming down from the euphoria that was the Deep Roots Music Festival.

I have begun work on the latest column for Frank. There is not a whole lot of radio news this week, so I will be writing more rants than I have in the past. I hope you like it when it runs, next week.

Patricia was upset this evening. She got a letter today from the cat hospital. In it were a lovely note from the doctor who euthanized Cindy 9 days ago, as well as some of Cindy's fur and a couple of her whiskers. It just reminded us once again of how much we miss her, and how much Cindy meant to Patricia and to me. She was a very special cat.

Also, the hospital will be making a donation to an indigent cat fund, which helps pay for surgery for people who can't afford the cost of keeping their cats healthy. I had no idea there was such a fund. If I ever get some money I don't need to spend on something else, then I should throw some money toward that fund.

There is nothing else to report this evening, so I will see you tomorrow.

See you then.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Post 2783 - Sunday

Wow. What a weekend. We are back home from the Valley, having spent a couple of days at the Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville.

Once again, we were blown away by the quality of the talent. I had not heard of many of these folks, and once again I wonder why. I mean, Suzie Vinnick is clearly a major, major roots/folk/Blues artist, but I had never heard of her before in my entire life. I nearly missed her in the "Sisters Are Doin' It" session Saturday afternoon, but it prepared me the final show this afternoon, where she did an entire set.

Here: Check out my favourite Suzie Vinnick song, "Save Me For Later".

What else? Thom Swift can't go anywhere without doing "Blue Sky Day", and he didn't disappoint. J.P. Cormier was fighting something on Saturday that made his voice even more gravelly than normal, but I didn't mind. Dave Gunning was excellent. I had no idea that Geoff Arsenault could even sing: I thought him "only" a drummer.

My friend Darrin Harvey won the 2014 Valley Arts Award. I will write more about that in my next column for Frank Magazine.

My regret is that we got a late start on Friday, and missed some of the performances then as well as some Saturday night's stuff. Sunday morning we also missed the Pete Seeger tribute, foodbank fund raiser.

Of the stuff we saw, which was quite a bit, it was excellent. I cannot recommend the Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, highly enough. You have not lived until you have spent a weekend down there taking in these performances, not only in the larger venues, but in the smaller ones as well. We couldn't be every where, but I am wondering if in addition to the official Deep Roots venues, whether any of the restaurants and coffee houses in the town played host to any performances this weekend.

Next year, we will be better prepared. Next year, we will book off two vacation days, including the Thursday to get down there and take something to keep us awake for three days.

Deep Roots Music Festival 2015 can't get here soon enough.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Post 2782 - Valley

Got here early afternoon. Doing everything but going to Deep Roots.  

Saturday for sure.  

Nearly 3an. Bed time.


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Post 2781 - A Column Change

The picture at the top of my column for Frank Magazine will be changing, starting with the next issue.

The man who owns Frank told Andrew that he doesn't want any caricatures associated with any columnists. He wants actual photographs. That means that the Bevboy avatar can no longer be used.

While that is a bit disappointing, it is by no means a show stopper. This weekend Patricia will get a couple pictures of me listening intently to a radio, and that will become the picture associated with the column. It will convey a better idea of what the column is about, anyway. It is all good.

I am off work until Monday. Friday morning we will drive to the Valley for the annual Deep Roots Festival in Wolfville. I purchased weekend passes to the thing during the summer. We have been looking forward to it for months.

I have a bag full of magazines for my mother and another one full of books. They have been in the back seat of my car for a couple of weeks now, and I am looking forward to unloading them. I also have four garbage bags full of bedding that belongs down there, so that will go. Somehow, we will fit Patricia and me and Newbie in the car as well. Alas, and alack, no Cindy. Sniff.

We plan to purchase a high quality pot roast at the meat  market in Canning. Best meat ever. Melt in your mouth. Will crock the thing and have it for dinner Friday night, potentially. To save $, we don't plan to eat out all weekend.

I am kicking myself pretty hard. Once again, I wish I wore high heels so that I could do myself some damage. You may have heard that the extreme electronics discounter XSCargo is going out of business. They are being bought out by another company that will offer similar products. Everything must be sold, sold, sold.

They had HD tv's there, and at an initial discount of 10%. On Saturday we both bought one. Trying to get over Cindy, you know. Retail therapy.

Got them home. Patricia's works fine. Mine, however, has been a pain in whatever orifice you want to think of. I hooked it up, and I get a picture for a few minutes, before it cuts out. Sound remains. I tried using the one HDMI input, the component input, even the coax hookup, to no avail. I tried to watch part of "How To Get Away With Murder" this evening on it, but because of the video cutting out, I nearly didn't see who the murder victim was. It did deign to come back to show me that much, but the picture is nearly 100% toast, just days after I bought the tv. And the kicker is that there are no returns or exchanges. All sales are final! Sigh, and double sigh.

Turns out there is a website that discusses in great detail just what lousy stinking hunks of faeces this brand of televisions is. Here is a link.

Is there a blind person who has someone read this blog to him who might want an inexpensive television? Just wondering. You can't blame me for asking.

I just hope that a weekend of good music will help me get over having wasted my money like this.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Post 2780 - Wednesday

It is past 10pm. I will turn in shortly.

I have booked off on Friday. Another vacation day, from my dwindling supply. This weekend will be about the Deep Roots Festival, and we can hardly wait. Patricia needs to get out of town for a couple of days to help her get over the loss of Cindy. Well, maybe "get over" is not the right term. Maybe just help her get her mind off the situation and enjoy some good music.

We watched the pilot of "Scorpion" this evening. It is like "Big Bang Theory" if you took those characters and put them in a crime drama. Which means that I liked it quite a bit.

"The Mysteries of Laura" stars Debra Messing. You know, the red head from "Will and Grace". The title seems incomplete because I keep wanting to call her "Laura Mars", which is a reference to a movie from before any of you were born. At any rate, there was some fun interplay between the characters, but I sure find it hard to believe that police officers behave that unprofessionally.

I pick up my second pay cheque from Frank Magazine tomorrow. Just in time. Wanna buy some Deep Roots swag.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Post 2779 - Tuesday

My work week is half over. Yay. Thursday night we will likely drive to the Valley for a couple of days, there to enjoy the annual Deep Roots Music Festival in Wolfville. We try to go every year.

I am kicking myself pretty hard. If I wore heels it would be that much better because it would hurt more. It is looking very likely that we will not be able to volunteer for Hal-Con this year. I have volunteered in other years, but kept forgetting to volunteer in 2014. I wrote one of the co-ordinators this week, but she hasn't confirmed anything for me or us. Very disappointing. I love going there. 2015 for sure.

Radio news is slowly trickling in. Now that I am getting paid to do it, I am much more conscious of trying to source the stuff, and it is hard.

No Toastmasters meeting this week. I keep forgetting we only meet bi-weekly.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Post 2778 - Monday

Briefly noted.

The new Frank is out, and my second column is in there. Andrew tells me he can edit my stuff in about 5 minutes. I work in a field of 1's and 0's, right and wrong, yes and no. I have to keep reminding myself that there is more than one way to word something. Not trying to be defensive. I just hate to make work for people. Believe it or not.

Coming home from work this evening felt weird. I had to stifle myself from saying, "Hello, Little Girl!", as I did to  Cindy for many years. Of course, she is gone now. Patricia misses her cat climbing all over her, and Newbie has never been that way with her and is barely that way with me. I am really gonna miss that affection from Cindy.

Watched 4 hours of television this evening. Two episodes of "Big Bang Theory", the first 2 of season 8. I fear that the show is struggling to find its footing. Sheldon's reasons for returning didn't make sense to me. I can usually find a few pretty good laughs in a given episode. Tonight I had a modest chuckle or two. I hope they improve.

The Blacklist returned as well. James Spader carries the show, and it crawls along in the scenes he is not in. Unfortunately, there were too many scenes he wasn't in this evening.

Gotham was great fun, much better than I expected. It has a nice and gritty feel to it, and I look forward to where they go with it.

And, lastly, "Sleepy Hollow" came back. They swung a little too far toward taking themselves too seriously. Come on! It's a show about a guy who returns from the dead and another guy who doesn't have a head who walks around decapitating others. It is not a show that cries out for realism, so I hope they ante up the silliness.

We are minutes away from the beginning of Autumn. Newbie is up on his perch staring at me as I type this. Cindy is... I almost forgot.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Post 2777 - A Death In The Family

Sunday evening. The deed took place early Saturday afternoon. And our hearts are still breaking.

We are down to a one cat household.

Cindy Clawford, a.k.a. "Cindy Windy", a.k.a. "Little Girl", a.k.a. "Princess", was put down shortly after 1pm at the Atlantic Cat Hospital on Quinpool Road.

Friday morning, Patricia decided, and I sadly agreed, that Cindy's time had come. She had been failing for a couple of years. I think she only lived this long because of Herculean efforts on Patricia's part. Patricia spent great sums on specialised food, on medicines, on periodic vet visits to receive even more medicines. They just delayed the inevitable.

There was a mass in Cindy's right flank, finally shown to me by the vet yesterday, which was killing her. It was a tumour, an aggressive one, that made her quality of life become poorer and poorer. I will not specify the list of dignity-robbing events that stripped her of more and more of the things that made her such a special cat. However, I will spend the next few paragraphs telling you how she was a special cat.

Cindy Clawford was named by her first owner, a man named Trent, who discovered what was either a little mouse or a little cat during his shift at a Halifax work site. This was sometime late in 2001, we gather. It turned out to be an extremely small kitten, one that fit in the palm of his hand. It appeared to have been abandoned by its mother, probably because it was the runt and could not be cared for. It Trent had not come along when he did, it is very hard to say what would have happened to the kitten. Nothing good. Plenty of rats roam around that area. I will leave it at that.

Trent was a single man at the time. He took a shine to the kitten and scooped her up and took her home to his trailer, which was (ahem!) kitty corner to Patricia's. He would feed the kitten with an eye dropper and take her to his work and leave her in his truck during his shift so that it wouldn't be alone in his house. Somewhere along the way he named her Cindy Clawford.

Cindy started to run around the neighbourhood with other cats. Other times, Trent would leave her in the backyard tied to a stake, where other cats and animals would be able to attack her and hurt her. And other times still she would make her way to other people's trailers and spend time with them.

One of these places was Patricia's. One very cold night, Patricia got home late and noticed and heard a cat mewling and practically crying from the cold. She opened her door. Cindy poked her head inside and looked around. When she decided there was nothing there to hurt her, she hopped in and walk around as if she had just paid off Patricia's mortgage. Patricia went to bed and Cindy was soon behind her.  At one point, she woke up, and Cindy was wrapped around Patricia's head.

Cindy didn't leave the next morning, so Patricia left her behind, fearful of the havoc that the cat would cause during the day. Much to her surprise, Cindy had improvised a litter box during the day, taking a number two in the bathtub, right by the drain.

Cindy hung around more and more. She would look out Patricia's back door and look out at Trent's backyard. One time, Trent looked up and saw  Cindy looking back at him. By this time, Trent had a woman and perhaps even a baby and the wife didn't want a cat around a baby. Bitch. It was the woman who wouldn't let Cindy stay in the house any more and kicked her out and made her fend for herself. Bitch.

Not long afterward, Trent walked over and asked Patricia if she knew someone who would want a cat. Patricia enthusiastically agreed, and Cindy moved in officially very close to Hurricane Juan in September of 2003.

Cindy was using to being a roamer. Turning her into a house cat was a challenge for her and me, and more than a few times she got away from us. But after a while she got used to the creature comforts of someone cleaning out her litter box for her, someone feeding her, and having a very warm and friendly place to sleep. She avoided going outside after October or so, and wouldn't hear of it until April.

The years passed. When Patricia's mother died in '04, Cindy comforted Patricia by rubbing her head against Patricia's head. When my father died in '10, both Cindy and Newbie hovered around me in a "Are you okay?", worried stance. But in the 11 years Patricia had Cindy, she provided a companionship that was second to none.

Cindy was a one-of-a-kind-cat. She had a temperament that reminded us of so many humans. She could be funny. She was loyal. She had an empathy that is hard to describe unless you have had a cat that was like that. We loved her to pieces.

She began to take ill about 2 years ago. Once again, I will spare you the details. We noticed a huge weight loss, but she gamely continued on, maybe more for us than for her.

Finally, 2 days ago, tears in her eyes, Patricia made the final decision. The Cat Hospital had a cancellation, and could take us in at 1pm.

We decided to make Cindy's last 24 hours as pleasant as possible. Patricia quadrupled Cindy's medicine dosages to prevent the usual symptoms of her disease. We took her outside and let her run around in the backyard.  We held her over and over and told her how much we loved her. We cried. We held her some more.

Saturday morning, we continued to lavish our praise and love on her. She ran around some more. She ate chicken breasts. We held her some more. We made sure that Newbie had a chance to "say" goodbye.

All too soon, the time came to scoop Cindy up and take her to the vet. Patricia carried her in her favourite blanket. We arrived at the vet's around 12:45. It was the annual Quinpool Road fare. The happy faces were a sharp contrast to our own.

The vet's assistant got a few pictures of us holding Cindy. One of them is at the top of this post; it was taken about 10 minutes before the end. We continued to play with Cindy in the room where she would die, telling her how much we loved her, and how much we would miss her. That she was the best cat ever.

Finally, the veterinarian and her assistant came into the room and explained the procedure. Cindy would get two needles. The first one would relax her and put her to sleep. The second one would stop her heart. Were we ready?

We were both blubbering by this time. Patricia kept asking Cindy if it was all right to let her go. As if in response, Cindy stood up, walked over to Patricia, and gave her a head butt, before walking over to me and doing the same thing. Cindy knew that we knew that she knew it was time to go, that she had suffered enough pain and endured enough indignities and that she had had enough.

She lay down with one paw on Patricia's hand and stared at her. The first needle went in. 30 seconds later, she was unconscious. The second needle went in. 30 seconds later, the doctor used her stethoscope and announced that Cindy was gone.

We guarantee that the last thing that Cindy Clawford/Little Girl/Princess/Cindy Windy saw was us looking at her with as much love as any human can have for any animal. Even now, more than a day later, I have tears welling up and I dread being at coffee tomorrow having to tell the boys about my weekend.

People who love animals are a special breed. But people who love cats are a special breed apart. We tolerate and learn to adore, their eccentricities. Their love is earned and not freely given the way a dog's is. The relationship between a cat and a human is on a much more organic level that cannot be explained  to someone who doesn't like cats. It just cannot be done. It is easier to explain Quantum Mechanics to a box of kleenex.

We have spent the last 30 hours or so talking about Cindy, crying, and doing retail therapy all in an effort to process what has happened to all of us. Newbie is quieter than he normally is. He is walking around the house, wondering where his older sister is. He is now here in my home office, having climbed to the top of an entertainment centre. I can see him looking at me. I feel like Trent.

Life will go on for us. Maybe someday we will have a second cat again. But it can never be the same again. Just never. Cindy was one-of-a-kind. We will miss her. And she misses us.

In the coming weeks, Cindy will be cremated and her ashes returned to us. In the mean time, Cindy will be kept in a freezer, a detail I know she would hate.

After all, she always disliked the cold.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Post 2776 - Too Tired

‎Wiped. Drained. Emotionally and physically exhausted.   

Will write about this horrible day, tomorrow.  

See you then.  


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Friday, September 19, 2014

Post 2775 - A Crappy Day

Not writing much t‎oday. Today didn't go well. We have made a decision today that will affect us tomorrow and for many days thereafter. 

I will tell you about it tomorrow.  

See you then. 


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Post 2774 - A Wonderful Day

It is about 9:45 local time. It has been a long day. A great day, but a long one.

Patricia had her 25th Anniversary Long Service Award ceremony today. Nova Scotia civil servants who have worked for the province for 25, 30, 35, or 40 years get feted.

I was her plus one. After struggling to get out of the parking lot, because I was trapped in it by a huge truck unloading stuff, I got downtown and to her work with 3 minutes to spare. She took me to the training room down the hall, wherein other people at her department were sequestered.

They fed us. Sandwiches, fruit, Crudités, sweets. I tried not to make a pig of myself.

Every employee there got a very nice framed certificate and got to pose for a picture or two with the CEO. She was kind enough to agree to pose for a second set of pictures when the BlackBerry didn't keep the one I did take.

After that was over, we mingled for a few minutes before putting her stuff in my car, and then hieing thither to the World Trade and Convention Centre. There was a much bigger and more elaborate affair there, starting at 1:30. The premier himself, Steven McNeil, was in attendance and posed with all 300 or so civil servants who were there to accept their small gifts based upon their years of service. Patricia got a nice pin. 30 year people got a watch. Folks with 35 years of service got a very nice clock and pen set that was perhaps made of pewter. And the few who had been there for 40 years, 5 years after they would have to contribute to the provincial pension plan, received a painting of the Bluenose. Premier McNeil joked that these people got the Bluenose, but this one floats. Got a good laugh. Nice to see her can laugh at himself, not that the situation with the Bluenose is very funny.

It took more than 2 hours for all 300 people to have their moment with the premier. One by one, row by row, category by category, each person would walk up on stage, be greeted by Mr. McNeil and the minister in charge of the public service commission, and pose for 3 or 4 quick pictures with them both. By a method I do not know or pretend to understand, the pictures will be matched with the correct person and these folks will all get their pictures with the premier to keep.

I knew more than a few of the people getting their long service awards today. In some cases, I had not seen them in years. In one case, it was a guy I work with, and who reads this blog every day. In another case, it was a fellow who's a member of my Toastmaster club. And the sweetest incident was either when a husband and wife celebrating their 25 years of service went up together, or when a deaf man's training dog seemed to pose with him and the premier and the minister. Hard to say.

By 4pm, we retired to the adjoining room, where they had sweets and coffee and water. We spoke with some of the other recipients and left. We went to the Vogue Optical on Barrington Street where they fixed my glasses. We chatted with Cindy, the store manager, for a few minutes before we had dinner at the Mongolie Grill down the hill.

Hadn't been to the Grill for a few years. It is delicious but jeazly expensive. You get a bowl and select from a large host of ingredients (meats, veggies, noodles, sauces, etc.) what you want to be grilled for you. Buddy takes your bowl with stuff in it and cooks it on the huge open grill and brings the result to your table. The cost is based upon the pre-cooked weight, and it sure does add up fast. There is plenty of food for lunch on Friday.

We got back home and are in our jammies. Patricia was upstairs sleeping last time I checked, while I have spent the last couple of hours here in my media room.

I have had time to think about today. I am in my 22nd year of service to the province. I am now looking forward to my 25. By that time, I will damn well have earned a rubber chicken dinner and a little Nova Scotia pin.

Tomorrow morning we will pile in to the car and head out to the cottage. Lots more staining to do there. Lots of fun. Nothing like what today was like.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Post 2773 - Wednesday

Hello, my lovelies. How are you this evening?

I had a long day. This will be a short post. I had my first Toastmasters meeting this evening in several months. It went well, very well actually.

Patricia has her 25th anniversary thingy party tomorrow. She has 25 years of service with the provincial government, and they think that this is important enough an event to throw a party for all such people across government.

Late in the morning they will have some kind of meet and greet with the minister of her department. I presume there will be food of some kind. In the afternoon, at the World Trade and Convention Centre, there will be a meet and greet with the premier of Nova Scotia for all the folks who are marking 25 years of service. I will be Patricia's plus one.

I am in my... 22nd year of service.  The years have flown by. I have gone from someone who was in his late 20's to a guy who's 50 and feeling it. I hope that I can make it to my 25th year of service. Sometimes I wonder.

We are off on Friday. Probably off to the cottage to do some more staining of the deck. We plan to go there another couple of times this year before we shut the puppy down for another year. Two days there without a high definition television will be a challenge. It really makes a difference to jump back and forth between HD and SD. I know you don't care.

I sent off my latest column to Frank this afternoon. The activities I outlined above will keep me too busy to spend time on the column on Thursday. Once again, I know you don't care.

I got my hair cut today. It is nice and short. Patricia was not happy that my hair was longer and more beautiful than hers, so she put her foot down and I had little choice but to get it chopped off. It is short, but still beautiful.


What's that?

You don't care.


Neither do I.

See you tomorrow.



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Post 2772 - Tuesday

Tuesday night. I will probably watch a little sumthin sumthin on either Netflix on Plex once I get this out of the way.

I have nearly finished my latest column for Frank. I learned of one additional piece of radio news this afternoon and will incorporate that tidbit into my column tomorrow during my lunch hour. Then, read the thing over a few times, make some edits, and send it off to Andrew for his own perusal.  It will be published on Monday.

I keep forgetting that I am getting paid for these columns. I had been doing this stuff for free for  so many years on the blog that it seems inappropriate somehow to accept money for writing this radio news. But I will find a way to get used to it in the same way that I will have to get used to seeing this column in grocery stores and news stands and so on. I will also have to accept all the adulation from my mother and the other folks at her nursing home.

Last week, the day the issue came out, I was at Superstore about to pay for some victuals. The guy behind me picked up the new Frank and started looking through it. I told him that my column was on page 5 and gave him one of my business cards. As I left, he had put the issue with the rest of his purchases, perhaps waiting for to be out of my range of vision so that he could put it back without feeling guilty. Or, maybe, he bought it. I have no way of knowing, alas.

I can't remember if I told you this or not, but Andrew has set me up with my very own Frank Magazine email address. If you want to reach me with some radio-related news, you can tweet me or message me on Facebook, or send it to either the official Blog address, or to this one for Frank. All will work. All will get to me. So, what are you waiting for? Write me!

A very long day tomorrow. My first Toastmasters meeting in a few months, and an executive meeting afterwards. I will have more news to share on that score, soon.

Think I'll watch the latest episode of The Knick.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Post 2771 - Ugh!

Slept the night away. Felt like crap all day Monday. Am I fighting something?

Is it winning?

See you tomorrow.

I hope.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Post 2770 - Sunday

Well, I have spent much of the day doing yet more laundry. The last of the stuff I brought back from the Valley last month is in the dryer now. I am also washing some other stuff.

Patricia returned from BOW late this afternoon. She was carrying a plastic bag. In the bag was a trout that she had caught and cleaned herself. It is in the freezer awaiting an evening when we can have it in a proper meal.

I have had a headache for most of the day. Finally, as I have begun to prepare for bed, it has faded away. Why is that always the way?

My next column for Frank Magazine is due on Thursday. About two thirds of it are in my head. People walking by my cubicle during my lunch hour on Monday will see me writing it. Why not come by and watch me work on it? The creative process is daunting to so many people. The fact that you will see a person you know producing a work of epic beauty on his lunch hour should be awe-inspiring to you. I know it would be to me.

Also on Monday I am guessing/hoping that my mother will receive her first issue of her new Frank Magazine subscription. Andrew processed the subscription on Thursday and promised that he would send her the current issue that afternoon. Saves me the time and trouble to buy her every issue off the news stand. Plus it is about 50 percent cheaper to do it that way.

Another four day work week awaits me. I guess I should pack it in. I was up until midnight last Sunday night watching The Strain. As a result of that, I was awake until after 1;30 Monday morning, scared out of my mind. I probably shouldn't do that again.

Or maybe I will.

Only live once.

See you tomorrow.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Post 2769 - Saturday

Well, it has been a day full of laundry around here. There are just two of us, so I wonder how we generate so many dirty clothes. We both have office jobs. It is not like we root around in the dirt like Mole Man chasing the Fantastic Four or anything.

Before all that started, I did decide to head into town to have breakfast. The first plate of my brekky buffet consisted of a mound of scrambled eggs and bacon. The vegetable on the side was hash browns. I smartened up after that; the second plate was much more sensible.

I touched down in  Bayers Lake after that, alighting at the XS Cargo.  I wanna get a couple sound bars: one for the cottage and one for my mother's. The one I wanted isn't there, but has been replaced by a newer model. Both models have a built-in FM radio, which is pretty neat to have. They both also have Bluetooth and a couple of  inputs on them that make them very versatile. The earlier model that I have in the recroom next door has pretty good sound for a 50 dollar device. The newer model has a visual display so you can see what station you're on as opposed to guessing.

I ended up not getting the sound bar. Will wait for pay day. Don't have to store them in the house that long either.

I was going to start working in earnest on my latest column for Frank Magazine, but I am glad I didn't. A source wrote me this afternoon to tell me of an upcoming CRTC announcement regarding Halifax radio. I want to look into this a bit more before I record it for the column.

In meeting with my editor a few days ago, I have been told I can free up the format of the column. I can run mini interviews. I can rant a bit more. I don't have to be unrelentingly positive. I can work in a bit more humour. I don't have to edit it as intensely as I did the first column. I can let my glorious hair down a smidge. So I will.

Patricia returns to the house sometime Sunday afternoon. I have promised her to make the place look better by the time she gets back. Will she notice a difference? Hard to say. She has woman's eye sight, which means that she notices every fleck of grime, every iota of dirt, every minuscule dust bunny. I notice far less of that. I am not a woman. I am a boy. Specifically, I am a Bevboy.

Say, a friend of mine is going through a hard time. He is one of the original 4.7. His name is Ben Passanando. He and his family live in Idaho. One night he googled something about the old "Strange Luck" tv show that starred D.B. Sweeney and found me, and became a regular reader, eventually leaving many comments on many posts. He found me because I had written a blog post partially about that 20 year old show.

Ben has had very significant medical issues over the years, and things have come to a head. If you believe in prayer, please pray for him. If, at the very least, you believe in positive thoughts, then think a couple of them for him, please. He is a young man with a young family, who wants to be an old man with an old family. Let's all hope that this happens. Ben is one of the really good ones.

Here is a link to a Facebook event. I hope you take a moment on the 17th and reflect on this remarkable man.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Post 2768 - Friday

Well, technically, it's Saturday.

It is past 1am.  I will turn in shortly.

Patricia left for her Becoming and Outdoor Hooch around 10 on Friday morning. I ran some errands and came back to the house. I washed a lot of clothes but that is only scratching the surface of what I need to do this weekend.

Newbie hid from me for most of Friday. For a while, I thought he had got out of the house and run off. But by the time I woke up from my late-afternoon nap, he was on the end table next to me, staring at me. Frig knows where he was. Maybe he thinks he is Houdini these days.

I am thinking of taking myself out to brunch in the morning once I get up. I discovered a breakfast buffet place on Quinpool a couple of weeks ago and it is really good and at a good price to boot. I can eat literally a pile of bacon. Just dive into it and eat my way out, fending off the hordes of other bacon-wanters. I may eat some toast just to keep my girlish figure.

Or maybe I will just stay here and save the money and the trip from Timberlea. I could always get a piece of bread and put some ketchup on it and drink warm tap water.

Hmm. Tap water.

Hmm. Bread with ketchup on it.

Yeah. Let's not do that.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Post 2767 - Thursday

It is past 10pm on Thursday. I am looking forward to a three day weekend. Yay.

Patricia takes off tomorrow morning for her BOW weekend, leaving me here with the cats. Thanks, dear.

I have a ton of things to do around here. The only question is, will I do any of those things or put my feet up and enjoy time on the decks? I hope it is the latter. I really can't keep ignoring those things much longer.

One of the many things I must work on is my next column for Frank Magazine. I have a couple pieces of news to put in there and at least one rant, not to mention something for people to check out.

I know very few of you care, but I will discuss it anyway. There has been a days long discussion on Facebook, in a group devoted to my neighbourhood. A man's family cat went missing, and there has been much to'ing and fro'ing about it ever since. In the last couple of days people have reported the cat's, or a cat's, appearance all around the area, as if it were a will-o'-the-wisp. And in just the last couple of hours, someone has said she saw a cat that looked very much like the missing cat. The man is on his way to the woman's home to see if it is really Romper.

I will keep you up to date on this important story.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post 2766 - Making Plans

My work week is three quarters over! W00t!

I put in for a vacation day on Friday. As I mentioned last evening, Patricia is out of town all weekend, which gives me a chance to order in a few extra whores while she is away.

(Yes. I know. They're somebody's daughters. I'm somebody's son. What is your point?)

(And, yes. These whores have names. I have no idea what they are, but they have names.)

(How did I get off topic?)

Anyway, I will be off on Friday. I have grandiose plans for the weekend.

I don't plan to go anywhere.

I plan to watch the new show Z Nation, another zombie show from the Syfy channel in the States that will be carried by the Space Channel in Canada. Think Sharknado only with dead people stumbling around.

I will do laundry.

I will find places to put the laundry once it has been washed and dried.

I will develop new respect for the expiration dates for items in the refrigerator.

I will begin applying the second coat of semi-transparent stain to the front and back decks.

I will sit out on the decks and enjoy some sunshine and perhaps a wobbly pop or two.

I will purchase a Scottish-to-English translating device and watch Doctor Who in an effort to make out what the hell Peter Capaldi is saying.

I will get Plex up and running again. I have been moving content from one hard drive to another to balance things out and shut down Plex to keep it from becoming overly confused. I miss it.

I will sleep in each morning and take a nap in the afternoon and go to bed early at night. Need my beauty comas.

I guess that is it for the time being.

What are your plans for the weekend?

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Post 2765 - Tuesday

Once again I apologize for not writing last evening. I wasn't feeling well and pretty much slept the night away.

During my lunch hour today, I drove to Fairview to pick up some magazines and paperbacks to give to my mother.  A woman there gives me these magazines every few months. There are now three women who read a lot and who give me their magazines to give away to Mom. Is it any wonder she doesn't have time to watch television any more?

This evening, after work, Patricia and I went to visit Ron Roberts again, mostly to get some more stories from him. We got a few pictures of him as well, and I even got to shoot some video of him saying hello to the Blog. I will put that up on my youtube channel soon.

Ron tells me that he has had a lot of phone calls since the Frank came out nearly 2 weeks ago. One woman accosted him at Sobeys last week and asked if he was Ron Roberts. When he said he was, the woman said she had read all about him in the magazine. That made his day.

I have received some good feedback as well.

If you want to see more of my radio interviews in Frank Magazine, you can contact Andrew Douglas. He is the editor of Frank, and the guy who bought the Ron Roberts interview from me to run there. He is also the one who has given me a column in Frank, whose first edition appears this week. You can contact him here.  Thank you.

I will be having coffee with Andrew Wednesday evening to discuss where he would like to see the column go, and to provide me avenues to make it better. Professional writing is far removed from blogging. I know that. And I have a lot to learn to become good enough to be there, issue after issue. Wish me luck. It will be an uphill struggle.

Patricia will be at the BOW thing this weekend. It is short for Becoming an Outdoors Woman, and there are chapters of it all throughout North America. She has been going off to these annual retreats for 2 years now, and after this year, her third, she may not go back. She has learned how to hunt and fish and shoot. I think she can now clean a fish, which is not the process whereby you wash it, but rather you remove the guts and end up with some edible product. Patricia set me right. Likewise, field dressing a deer doesn't involve clothing it in hunter orange. I don't care what that guy at work told me once. He was wrong. I know that now. Patricia set me right.

It is getting late. Been a long day, and I have to get up early tomorrow and perform my morning toilet ere I go to work. Which doesn't mean actually building a toilet, by the way.

Patricia set me right.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Post 2764 - Sunday

Hi. Sorry I didn't write on Saturday. I was enjoying myself too much in the Valley.

I reluctantly returned to the city this afternoon, after two days of doing stuff down there. Friday night, I bought another Canon Lide scanner for 12 dollars. They are really good scanners and since I still scan in old documents and so on, I need a couple of them here and in the Valley.

Saturday I took my mother shopping. I also gave her a copy of the  Frank Magazine with my interview of Ron Roberts in it. She read it and called me at the house Saturday evening to tell me how much she had enjoyed it. I told her about my new column for Frank that debuts this week, and she promised to let everyone know about it. If sales spike at her nursing home, then you know what to attribute it to.

I mowed the lawn at my mother's yesterday. I ran out of gas while on the lawn tractor. Ran out of gas. What if I had had a date with me and I turned to her and said I had run out of gas on the lawn tractor we were driving. Would she have believed me? I doubt it.

I am pretty much caught up on The Strain. It gets better every damned week. Why are you not watching it? Frig "American Horror Story". "The Strain" is where it's at.

Monday morning will be here before I know it. Back to work. Why are weekends so short, anyway?

See you tomorrow.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Post 2763 - Weekend

It has been a short work week. Just 3 days. And it is now over.

I will be spending the weekend at my mother's place in the Annapolis Valley. I am not here this year as much as I have been in recent years. Been a lot going on in Halifax this year, including my lovely new decks. I will miss them this weekend.

There is much to be done this weekend. For one thing, I want to make sure that my mother has a copy of the current issue of Frank, featuring my interview with Ron Roberts. For another, I will take her shopping. And I have a bag full of magazines to give her.

I will probably have to mow the lawn once again. Grass is still growing pretty long even this time of year, down here. There will not be much to throw out of the fridge, because there is very little food left in the fridge. Sub Tropical Storm Arthur saw to that back in July.

What else is down here? Coffee. Lots of it. When The Bargain! Shop by my work closed last year, they had a massive sell off. Large containers of Folger's Coffee were sold off cheap. I bought quite a few containers of that as well as Maxwell House, and even a couple smaller containers of Nabob coffee from Kraft Canada that are surprisingly good. I bought something like... 9 containers of coffee last year, and am only finishing one of the smaller Nabob's. Plus I have a few bags of McDonald's coffee. I have enough coffee to last me for several years, which is fine. It's sealed until I use it anyway. I would take some back with me to the city, but A) Patricia's tastes are more discerning; and B) we already have a ton of Just Us! coffee here.

(Maybe I should give away containers of coffee on my blog. What do you think?)

And don't even get me started on all the Creamed Wheat cereal at my mom's. I bought too much of that as well. Does it go bad, right there in the sealed box?

Newbie is with me. Getting him into his carrier was even more fun this evening. I have the huge gaping wounds in my and legs and face to prove it. Maybe I should report him to the police and have him arrested.

Getting late. Guess I should turn in.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Post 2762 - Joan Rivers

You have no doubt heard that Joan Rivers died today.

I did not know her. Never met her. But I spoke with her twice.

Let me explain.

920 CJCH became a talk radio station on March 6, 1995. A Monday. It retained that format until it became part of a sports talk network in May of 2001.  In between, CJ had many talk shows on to fill a broadcast day.

For a year or so in... I'm gonna say 1999 because I was still in my apartment, they carried a Joan Rivers radio show, which originated out of 710AM WOR in New York. I enjoyed it a great deal. She would have guests on and interview them like she was a ballsy, brassy Larry King. She'd rant about people who had pissed her off. And she would have open lines and invite people to call in and ask her whatever they wanted.

The show was syndicated throughout North America, so I never dared dream that I could ever get through to her. But one evening, the show was pre-empted in New York, but still sent out to the affiliates. Perhaps other affiliates had chosen not to run the show that evening as well. But Joan mentioned that her number would work in Canada, so I called the supplied toll-free number.

Her producers answered after the first or second ring. I explained that I was calling from Canada and that I didn't really plan to go on the air. I was just ensuring that the number worked. They explained the situation I described in the previous paragraph and all-but begged me to go on the air. I said fine, that I would discuss the then-current news event about Michael J. Fox's admission to having Parkinson's Disease.

During the maybe 2 minutes I was on hold, I came up with another subject, though. When she greeted me on the air, I begged her indulgence and asked if I could inquire about a film she had been in in the 1960's.  She kindly allowed me to do that.

Joan didn't do many movies for some reason. Perhaps her comedic style did not lend itself to character acting even in a comedic film. Hard to say. But she was in this film called The Swimmer, starring Burt Lancaster as a middle-aged man who navigates his way through his neighbourhood to his home not by walking or driving or running, but by swimming through everyone's swimming pools. It was her film debut. I was intrigued enough to finally see a copy of it, and to buy a copy of it on vhs many years after I had first heard of it.

She revealed to me and her other listeners that the film was very boring and that she had not liked Burt Lancaster that much. His interpretation of his character did not jibe with the director's, or the screenwriter's, or even John Cheever's, the man who had written the short story upon which the film was based. We talked for another moment and I rang off.

The show was soon thereafter replaced by one hosted by Susan Powter, a today thankfully-forgotten motivational speaker. I hated that show. But CJ did bring back Joan Rivers for another spell, and I listened intently.

Another evening I called in and got through and on the air. I told Joan that I had spoken with her before about The Swimmer, and she was kind enough to say that she had remembered speaking to me. I then asked her about whatever else I had called about and once again rang off a moment or two later.

I may have spent a total of 5 minutes speaking with Joan Rivers, all those years ago. That isn't much, but it was enough to give me an impression of her as being a nice woman who put on a show of being a bitch. Her character was that of an irascible, argumentative woman who would take nothing from nobody, but beneath that I found her to be a warm and gracious radio host whose show was cancelled far too soon for reasons that had to do with the very traits that made her so popular in the first place.

Afterward I made a point of watching Joan Rivers in everything I could, and could always see through her persona to the person beneath it. She had a twinkle in her eye. She never meant the things she said. And she was a bloody genius. And while we were better off for having had her around for 81 years, we are worse off by her passing. We need people out there who speak their mind and don't give a shit about the consequences.

There is no way anyone in her family will read this, or anyone who even knew her, but I extend my condolences to those people, anyway.

Rest in peace, Joan Rivers. You are now free to call Burt Lancaster a no-talent asshole all you want. And if that long-haired creep Jesus Christ gets in your way, let him have it.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Post 2761 - A Good Day

A broken water main close to my work meant that we lost water in our building. The result was in being sent home.

Patricia was ticked that she didn't get to go home as well, but her disappointment was mollified when I told her that I would make dinner. I got home by 3:45 or so. By 4:30, I was in the kitchen, cooking salmon and boiling potatoes and steaming some green beans. Patricia got home by 5:45 or so, and we had our dinner. I think I did a good job of it. She didn't spit it out or anything, so I think she liked it as well.

We spent a quiet evening watching television, starting with "Inner Space" on the Space Channel, and continuing with the latest episode of  "Finding Carter". I came downstairs to make sure that a hard drive back up is progressing as it should (it is), and to consider the final draft of my first regular column for Frank Magazine. The deadline is tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and only my second day of work this week. I love short work weeks!

CBC Radio is playing the re-broadcast of "Q". I have always got a kick out of who Jian Ghomeshi says "Hi there!". So effusive. It makes me wonder how excitedly he greets people he really does know.

If you don't know who Jian Ghomeshi is, we can't be friends. Surely you know about the infamous Billy Bob Thornton incident? It's a classic.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Post 2760 - Tuesday

Hi. Welcome back to Halifax.

We got back here around 3:30. A couple of Subway sandwiches later, and a long and luxuriant shower, I felt much, much better. My god, it is amazing how much dirty and detritus can get on a human body in just a couple of days.

The cottage is in Pictou County, as you may recall. That is the place where there is the Northern Pulp mill is. It has been there for decades. When she was growing up, she was told that the odour was "the smell of success", and it was understood that to criticize the smell was almost heresy, nearly treasonous. So when Pictonians rise up as they have this summer and decried the stench from that mill as vociferously as they have, then that should tell you something. I am not taking a political stand here, just a humanitarian one. They have to do something about that plant, sooner than 9 months from now. The jobs that would be lost by the plant's abrupt closure would be significant, but people dying from whatever diseases that will result from that pollution is an incalculable cost.

Anyway, I tell you this because we drove through Lyon's Brook to get to the highway. Right around where the West Pictou Amalgamated School is (the same school that Patricia attended, plus George Canyon and J.D. Fortune and other celebrities), the stench hit us hard. The windows were up and the air conditioning was on, but the smell crept in somehow and I nearly felt sick to my stomach. I don't know how the kids and the staff at that school are handling it. Will somebody please, for someone's sake, do something about that mill?

It has been a quiet evening. It is past 9pm. I was out on both the front and back decks for a while this evening enjoying the fruits of my paid-for labour, and realizing that I have to return to work in the morning. Why do weekends go by so quickly? And why do holiday weekends go by even more quickly? And, why oh why, do holiday weekends where you add another day to make it 4 days off work, go by the fastest of all?

I think I will close off my evening by watching a nice relaxing episode of The Strain. Now that I know that the show is not about a guy who tries to go to the bathroom after a cheese-eating contest, I think I can get into the show.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Post 2759 - Happy Labour Day

‎Hey, here I am after 3 day at the cottage . 

Who's got a big juicy kiss for me?

See you tomorrow.   


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