Friday, September 5, 2014

Post 2763 - Weekend

It has been a short work week. Just 3 days. And it is now over.

I will be spending the weekend at my mother's place in the Annapolis Valley. I am not here this year as much as I have been in recent years. Been a lot going on in Halifax this year, including my lovely new decks. I will miss them this weekend.

There is much to be done this weekend. For one thing, I want to make sure that my mother has a copy of the current issue of Frank, featuring my interview with Ron Roberts. For another, I will take her shopping. And I have a bag full of magazines to give her.

I will probably have to mow the lawn once again. Grass is still growing pretty long even this time of year, down here. There will not be much to throw out of the fridge, because there is very little food left in the fridge. Sub Tropical Storm Arthur saw to that back in July.

What else is down here? Coffee. Lots of it. When The Bargain! Shop by my work closed last year, they had a massive sell off. Large containers of Folger's Coffee were sold off cheap. I bought quite a few containers of that as well as Maxwell House, and even a couple smaller containers of Nabob coffee from Kraft Canada that are surprisingly good. I bought something like... 9 containers of coffee last year, and am only finishing one of the smaller Nabob's. Plus I have a few bags of McDonald's coffee. I have enough coffee to last me for several years, which is fine. It's sealed until I use it anyway. I would take some back with me to the city, but A) Patricia's tastes are more discerning; and B) we already have a ton of Just Us! coffee here.

(Maybe I should give away containers of coffee on my blog. What do you think?)

And don't even get me started on all the Creamed Wheat cereal at my mom's. I bought too much of that as well. Does it go bad, right there in the sealed box?

Newbie is with me. Getting him into his carrier was even more fun this evening. I have the huge gaping wounds in my and legs and face to prove it. Maybe I should report him to the police and have him arrested.

Getting late. Guess I should turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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