Sunday, September 7, 2014

Post 2764 - Sunday

Hi. Sorry I didn't write on Saturday. I was enjoying myself too much in the Valley.

I reluctantly returned to the city this afternoon, after two days of doing stuff down there. Friday night, I bought another Canon Lide scanner for 12 dollars. They are really good scanners and since I still scan in old documents and so on, I need a couple of them here and in the Valley.

Saturday I took my mother shopping. I also gave her a copy of the  Frank Magazine with my interview of Ron Roberts in it. She read it and called me at the house Saturday evening to tell me how much she had enjoyed it. I told her about my new column for Frank that debuts this week, and she promised to let everyone know about it. If sales spike at her nursing home, then you know what to attribute it to.

I mowed the lawn at my mother's yesterday. I ran out of gas while on the lawn tractor. Ran out of gas. What if I had had a date with me and I turned to her and said I had run out of gas on the lawn tractor we were driving. Would she have believed me? I doubt it.

I am pretty much caught up on The Strain. It gets better every damned week. Why are you not watching it? Frig "American Horror Story". "The Strain" is where it's at.

Monday morning will be here before I know it. Back to work. Why are weekends so short, anyway?

See you tomorrow.


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