Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Post 2765 - Tuesday

Once again I apologize for not writing last evening. I wasn't feeling well and pretty much slept the night away.

During my lunch hour today, I drove to Fairview to pick up some magazines and paperbacks to give to my mother.  A woman there gives me these magazines every few months. There are now three women who read a lot and who give me their magazines to give away to Mom. Is it any wonder she doesn't have time to watch television any more?

This evening, after work, Patricia and I went to visit Ron Roberts again, mostly to get some more stories from him. We got a few pictures of him as well, and I even got to shoot some video of him saying hello to the Blog. I will put that up on my youtube channel soon.

Ron tells me that he has had a lot of phone calls since the Frank came out nearly 2 weeks ago. One woman accosted him at Sobeys last week and asked if he was Ron Roberts. When he said he was, the woman said she had read all about him in the magazine. That made his day.

I have received some good feedback as well.

If you want to see more of my radio interviews in Frank Magazine, you can contact Andrew Douglas. He is the editor of Frank, and the guy who bought the Ron Roberts interview from me to run there. He is also the one who has given me a column in Frank, whose first edition appears this week. You can contact him here.  Thank you.

I will be having coffee with Andrew Wednesday evening to discuss where he would like to see the column go, and to provide me avenues to make it better. Professional writing is far removed from blogging. I know that. And I have a lot to learn to become good enough to be there, issue after issue. Wish me luck. It will be an uphill struggle.

Patricia will be at the BOW thing this weekend. It is short for Becoming an Outdoors Woman, and there are chapters of it all throughout North America. She has been going off to these annual retreats for 2 years now, and after this year, her third, she may not go back. She has learned how to hunt and fish and shoot. I think she can now clean a fish, which is not the process whereby you wash it, but rather you remove the guts and end up with some edible product. Patricia set me right. Likewise, field dressing a deer doesn't involve clothing it in hunter orange. I don't care what that guy at work told me once. He was wrong. I know that now. Patricia set me right.

It is getting late. Been a long day, and I have to get up early tomorrow and perform my morning toilet ere I go to work. Which doesn't mean actually building a toilet, by the way.

Patricia set me right.

See you tomorrow.


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