Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Post 2766 - Making Plans

My work week is three quarters over! W00t!

I put in for a vacation day on Friday. As I mentioned last evening, Patricia is out of town all weekend, which gives me a chance to order in a few extra whores while she is away.

(Yes. I know. They're somebody's daughters. I'm somebody's son. What is your point?)

(And, yes. These whores have names. I have no idea what they are, but they have names.)

(How did I get off topic?)

Anyway, I will be off on Friday. I have grandiose plans for the weekend.

I don't plan to go anywhere.

I plan to watch the new show Z Nation, another zombie show from the Syfy channel in the States that will be carried by the Space Channel in Canada. Think Sharknado only with dead people stumbling around.

I will do laundry.

I will find places to put the laundry once it has been washed and dried.

I will develop new respect for the expiration dates for items in the refrigerator.

I will begin applying the second coat of semi-transparent stain to the front and back decks.

I will sit out on the decks and enjoy some sunshine and perhaps a wobbly pop or two.

I will purchase a Scottish-to-English translating device and watch Doctor Who in an effort to make out what the hell Peter Capaldi is saying.

I will get Plex up and running again. I have been moving content from one hard drive to another to balance things out and shut down Plex to keep it from becoming overly confused. I miss it.

I will sleep in each morning and take a nap in the afternoon and go to bed early at night. Need my beauty comas.

I guess that is it for the time being.

What are your plans for the weekend?

See you tomorrow.


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