Friday, September 12, 2014

Post 2768 - Friday

Well, technically, it's Saturday.

It is past 1am.  I will turn in shortly.

Patricia left for her Becoming and Outdoor Hooch around 10 on Friday morning. I ran some errands and came back to the house. I washed a lot of clothes but that is only scratching the surface of what I need to do this weekend.

Newbie hid from me for most of Friday. For a while, I thought he had got out of the house and run off. But by the time I woke up from my late-afternoon nap, he was on the end table next to me, staring at me. Frig knows where he was. Maybe he thinks he is Houdini these days.

I am thinking of taking myself out to brunch in the morning once I get up. I discovered a breakfast buffet place on Quinpool a couple of weeks ago and it is really good and at a good price to boot. I can eat literally a pile of bacon. Just dive into it and eat my way out, fending off the hordes of other bacon-wanters. I may eat some toast just to keep my girlish figure.

Or maybe I will just stay here and save the money and the trip from Timberlea. I could always get a piece of bread and put some ketchup on it and drink warm tap water.

Hmm. Tap water.

Hmm. Bread with ketchup on it.

Yeah. Let's not do that.

See you tomorrow.


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