Sunday, September 14, 2014

Post 2770 - Sunday

Well, I have spent much of the day doing yet more laundry. The last of the stuff I brought back from the Valley last month is in the dryer now. I am also washing some other stuff.

Patricia returned from BOW late this afternoon. She was carrying a plastic bag. In the bag was a trout that she had caught and cleaned herself. It is in the freezer awaiting an evening when we can have it in a proper meal.

I have had a headache for most of the day. Finally, as I have begun to prepare for bed, it has faded away. Why is that always the way?

My next column for Frank Magazine is due on Thursday. About two thirds of it are in my head. People walking by my cubicle during my lunch hour on Monday will see me writing it. Why not come by and watch me work on it? The creative process is daunting to so many people. The fact that you will see a person you know producing a work of epic beauty on his lunch hour should be awe-inspiring to you. I know it would be to me.

Also on Monday I am guessing/hoping that my mother will receive her first issue of her new Frank Magazine subscription. Andrew processed the subscription on Thursday and promised that he would send her the current issue that afternoon. Saves me the time and trouble to buy her every issue off the news stand. Plus it is about 50 percent cheaper to do it that way.

Another four day work week awaits me. I guess I should pack it in. I was up until midnight last Sunday night watching The Strain. As a result of that, I was awake until after 1;30 Monday morning, scared out of my mind. I probably shouldn't do that again.

Or maybe I will.

Only live once.

See you tomorrow.


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