Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Post 2772 - Tuesday

Tuesday night. I will probably watch a little sumthin sumthin on either Netflix on Plex once I get this out of the way.

I have nearly finished my latest column for Frank. I learned of one additional piece of radio news this afternoon and will incorporate that tidbit into my column tomorrow during my lunch hour. Then, read the thing over a few times, make some edits, and send it off to Andrew for his own perusal.  It will be published on Monday.

I keep forgetting that I am getting paid for these columns. I had been doing this stuff for free for  so many years on the blog that it seems inappropriate somehow to accept money for writing this radio news. But I will find a way to get used to it in the same way that I will have to get used to seeing this column in grocery stores and news stands and so on. I will also have to accept all the adulation from my mother and the other folks at her nursing home.

Last week, the day the issue came out, I was at Superstore about to pay for some victuals. The guy behind me picked up the new Frank and started looking through it. I told him that my column was on page 5 and gave him one of my business cards. As I left, he had put the issue with the rest of his purchases, perhaps waiting for to be out of my range of vision so that he could put it back without feeling guilty. Or, maybe, he bought it. I have no way of knowing, alas.

I can't remember if I told you this or not, but Andrew has set me up with my very own Frank Magazine email address. If you want to reach me with some radio-related news, you can tweet me or message me on Facebook, or send it to either the official Blog address, or to this one for Frank. All will work. All will get to me. So, what are you waiting for? Write me!

A very long day tomorrow. My first Toastmasters meeting in a few months, and an executive meeting afterwards. I will have more news to share on that score, soon.

Think I'll watch the latest episode of The Knick.

See you tomorrow.


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