Monday, September 22, 2014

Post 2778 - Monday

Briefly noted.

The new Frank is out, and my second column is in there. Andrew tells me he can edit my stuff in about 5 minutes. I work in a field of 1's and 0's, right and wrong, yes and no. I have to keep reminding myself that there is more than one way to word something. Not trying to be defensive. I just hate to make work for people. Believe it or not.

Coming home from work this evening felt weird. I had to stifle myself from saying, "Hello, Little Girl!", as I did to  Cindy for many years. Of course, she is gone now. Patricia misses her cat climbing all over her, and Newbie has never been that way with her and is barely that way with me. I am really gonna miss that affection from Cindy.

Watched 4 hours of television this evening. Two episodes of "Big Bang Theory", the first 2 of season 8. I fear that the show is struggling to find its footing. Sheldon's reasons for returning didn't make sense to me. I can usually find a few pretty good laughs in a given episode. Tonight I had a modest chuckle or two. I hope they improve.

The Blacklist returned as well. James Spader carries the show, and it crawls along in the scenes he is not in. Unfortunately, there were too many scenes he wasn't in this evening.

Gotham was great fun, much better than I expected. It has a nice and gritty feel to it, and I look forward to where they go with it.

And, lastly, "Sleepy Hollow" came back. They swung a little too far toward taking themselves too seriously. Come on! It's a show about a guy who returns from the dead and another guy who doesn't have a head who walks around decapitating others. It is not a show that cries out for realism, so I hope they ante up the silliness.

We are minutes away from the beginning of Autumn. Newbie is up on his perch staring at me as I type this. Cindy is... I almost forgot.

See you tomorrow.


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