Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Post 2780 - Wednesday

It is past 10pm. I will turn in shortly.

I have booked off on Friday. Another vacation day, from my dwindling supply. This weekend will be about the Deep Roots Festival, and we can hardly wait. Patricia needs to get out of town for a couple of days to help her get over the loss of Cindy. Well, maybe "get over" is not the right term. Maybe just help her get her mind off the situation and enjoy some good music.

We watched the pilot of "Scorpion" this evening. It is like "Big Bang Theory" if you took those characters and put them in a crime drama. Which means that I liked it quite a bit.

"The Mysteries of Laura" stars Debra Messing. You know, the red head from "Will and Grace". The title seems incomplete because I keep wanting to call her "Laura Mars", which is a reference to a movie from before any of you were born. At any rate, there was some fun interplay between the characters, but I sure find it hard to believe that police officers behave that unprofessionally.

I pick up my second pay cheque from Frank Magazine tomorrow. Just in time. Wanna buy some Deep Roots swag.

See you tomorrow.


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