Thursday, September 25, 2014

Post 2781 - A Column Change

The picture at the top of my column for Frank Magazine will be changing, starting with the next issue.

The man who owns Frank told Andrew that he doesn't want any caricatures associated with any columnists. He wants actual photographs. That means that the Bevboy avatar can no longer be used.

While that is a bit disappointing, it is by no means a show stopper. This weekend Patricia will get a couple pictures of me listening intently to a radio, and that will become the picture associated with the column. It will convey a better idea of what the column is about, anyway. It is all good.

I am off work until Monday. Friday morning we will drive to the Valley for the annual Deep Roots Festival in Wolfville. I purchased weekend passes to the thing during the summer. We have been looking forward to it for months.

I have a bag full of magazines for my mother and another one full of books. They have been in the back seat of my car for a couple of weeks now, and I am looking forward to unloading them. I also have four garbage bags full of bedding that belongs down there, so that will go. Somehow, we will fit Patricia and me and Newbie in the car as well. Alas, and alack, no Cindy. Sniff.

We plan to purchase a high quality pot roast at the meat  market in Canning. Best meat ever. Melt in your mouth. Will crock the thing and have it for dinner Friday night, potentially. To save $, we don't plan to eat out all weekend.

I am kicking myself pretty hard. Once again, I wish I wore high heels so that I could do myself some damage. You may have heard that the extreme electronics discounter XSCargo is going out of business. They are being bought out by another company that will offer similar products. Everything must be sold, sold, sold.

They had HD tv's there, and at an initial discount of 10%. On Saturday we both bought one. Trying to get over Cindy, you know. Retail therapy.

Got them home. Patricia's works fine. Mine, however, has been a pain in whatever orifice you want to think of. I hooked it up, and I get a picture for a few minutes, before it cuts out. Sound remains. I tried using the one HDMI input, the component input, even the coax hookup, to no avail. I tried to watch part of "How To Get Away With Murder" this evening on it, but because of the video cutting out, I nearly didn't see who the murder victim was. It did deign to come back to show me that much, but the picture is nearly 100% toast, just days after I bought the tv. And the kicker is that there are no returns or exchanges. All sales are final! Sigh, and double sigh.

Turns out there is a website that discusses in great detail just what lousy stinking hunks of faeces this brand of televisions is. Here is a link.

Is there a blind person who has someone read this blog to him who might want an inexpensive television? Just wondering. You can't blame me for asking.

I just hope that a weekend of good music will help me get over having wasted my money like this.

See you tomorrow.


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