Monday, September 29, 2014

Post 2784 - Monday


It is past 10:30. I will turn in shortly.

Been a long day. Any Monday that involves work is a long day. We are still coming down from the euphoria that was the Deep Roots Music Festival.

I have begun work on the latest column for Frank. There is not a whole lot of radio news this week, so I will be writing more rants than I have in the past. I hope you like it when it runs, next week.

Patricia was upset this evening. She got a letter today from the cat hospital. In it were a lovely note from the doctor who euthanized Cindy 9 days ago, as well as some of Cindy's fur and a couple of her whiskers. It just reminded us once again of how much we miss her, and how much Cindy meant to Patricia and to me. She was a very special cat.

Also, the hospital will be making a donation to an indigent cat fund, which helps pay for surgery for people who can't afford the cost of keeping their cats healthy. I had no idea there was such a fund. If I ever get some money I don't need to spend on something else, then I should throw some money toward that fund.

There is nothing else to report this evening, so I will see you tomorrow.

See you then.


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