Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Post 2785 - Tuesday

Just past 11pm. I will turn in shortly.

Been a long day. I spent my lunch hour giving my resume a last pass and made sure that a covering letter was in good shape. I applied for another job today, and we will see how far that it takes me.

This evening I spent a couple hours writing my next column for Frank. I had taken a bunch of notes in the last few days, but didn't actually write any of it until tonight. The hell of it is that after I had produced a rough draft, I shut down Abiword and then immediately re-opened the document. Somehow, it got garbled. Hundreds of words were no longer there. Paragraphs were merged. Large blocks of text were in bold face. And the font had somehow changed to Courier.

I was able to re-construct the text, which took me a good 45 minutes or so. Some things, I think I worded better the second time, actually. I saved it in my Dropbox and backed it up on a local hard drive as well. The correct version, all 1094 words of it, is on this other desktop of mine. I will also put it on a thumbdrive so that I can do a final pass of it during my lunch hour on Wednesday and send it off to Andrew.

Toastmasters meeting tomorrow. Will be home late, which means I will be starving by the time I do get home, as I have to hang around until Patricia finishes her Pilates class. Which further means that Newbie will be pretty hungry as well. Which means I won't have time to watch any of the new shows tomorrow.

Done a lot of writing tonight, so I think I will give my hands a break and bid you adieu.

See you tomorrow.


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