Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Post 2786 - Wednesday

I am not feeling well tonight. I have been running to the Young General's Room for hours now. I had to walk out of a speech a guy was doing at my Toastmasters club tonight, which is something that people really should not do.

I am telling this not because I expect you to care, sympathise, or even empathise. Or notice, for that matter. It is just that I have been wiped-out-tired the last few days, and now I think I know why. If I am flu-ish like this in the morning and feeling run over by a freight train, then I guess I will take a sick day. Which, as you know, automatically means I don't do a blog post, as per the policy I laid out for you a year or two ago.

Just now, I sent off my 3rd column to Frank Magazine. Without giving too much away, I took a position or two that may or may not be popular with certain people in a segment of the province. I hope it unleashes a torrent of comments, mostly ones agreeing with me.  Some things just have to be said sometimes. Ignoring them doesn't make them go away.

I did what is called a test speech at Toastmasters this evening. I spoke about how I had just applied for a job, and how much I hated those people who put out books and charged huge fees to help people secure employment by assisting them in producing "knock out" resumes, and covering letters that will leave managers begging for more. These people are bottom feeders, preying on vulnerable folks who need work. They are jagoffs who take money from people who are already in poor financial shape due to underemployment, or full-fledged unemployment. I eff-ing hate them.

So, tonight I did what I think I will now go forth and modify and enhance and turn into a full length project speech, in which I show people how I prepare a resume and a covering letter and how I prepare for an interview.

People at my work may think I am a strange person for doing this kind of presentation because, at the end of the day, it is not as if I have taken over the world in my own star-spangled career. But I still feel I have something to say on the subject, and I will say it and do it at no cost to my audience. I will do this with a clear conscience, something that the nutbars I mentioned two paragraphs above have to right to possess.

Anyway, that is a fight for another day. I think I will just call my mother, see how she is doing, and turn in for the evening.

See you tomorrow. Or Friday, in case I am sick tomorrow.


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