Sunday, October 5, 2014

Post 2789 - Sunday

It is pushing 11pm. In a few minutes the season finale to The Strain will be broadcast. It is the end of another weekend.

I overslept this morning. Even by Sunday morning standards, I overslept. I prepared lunch, and washed the dishes and loaded up the car and left the house. I picked up a few items in New Minas before visiting my mother for a few minutes. I left her and returned to Halifax, arriving around 3:30.

Newbie greeted me at the door. Once he knew I was home he went back to ignoring me, which is par for the course for any cat and his human. Patricia was more effusive in greeting me.

It has been a quiet evening. We watched a few episodes of season two of "Longmire", and shame on A&E for cancelling it. A wonderful show.

Back to work in the morning. The highlight will probably be when the new digital edition of Frank Magazine comes out, with my third column in it. I am far more outspoken in this new column. I hope you check it out.

See you tomorrow.


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