Monday, October 6, 2014

Post 2790 - Monday

Late. Turning in shortly.

Long day today. Being Monday and all, it sure was hard to get up this morning. Days like this, I remember the definition of "inertia" as described by my high school Physics teacher, the same man who would later go to jail for diddling his kids, and who would later end up taking classes with me in university after he got out of jail. But I digress.

He defined inertia as a resistance to a change in motion. Something that is moving, doesn't like to stop. Something that isn't moving, doesn't like to start. That is exactly how I feel on weekday mornings when the clock radio goes off at 5:30 and CBCs "Daybreak" is starting. I curse the morning, and I curse the fact that I must get up, and I curse the impending drive in heavy traffic.

Enough cursing.

My 4th column with Frank Magazine is up. You can go to the Frank website and read it for yourself if you are a subscriber. I am happy with the column, but I know that I can make it better, and I will work really hard to make that happen. I remain grateful to Andrew Douglas for this opportunity.

I am pretty hard on a certain radio station in a certain part of the province. I have disliked the station for many years now. Its playlist is all over the place; the result is a station that is nearly unlistenable, and I feel sorry for the folks in that market who either have to listen to that crap all day long, or miss out on what local content there is and tune into the CBC or something. I am hopeful that plenty of folks will write in to Frank and email me and thank me for writing what was long overdue.

Three more days in this work week. Then, off for four days. Looking forward to it.

Guess that's it for tonight.

See you tomorrow.


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