Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Post 2792 - Ugh

Been a very long day.

I went to the gym after work today. It was the first time I had been there in... well, far too long.

The Good Life place had moved from Scotia Square to Granville Street Mall, or whatever they call that section of Granville Street. I arrived there around 4:50, changed into my gym gear, filled up my little water bottle, and found the stationary bikes.

The room is easily 3 times larger than the spin class room was in Scotia Square. Expansive and luxurious with lots of cool air blowing down on you.

The instructor was a young lady named Laura. Only about 8 people showed up for the 5:30 class.

I have to admit that I was winded within the first 5 minutes, but I remembered something that my late friend John Colpitts told me a number of years ago: Spin classes are about a marathon, and not a sprint. You go at your own relative pace, just as long as that pace leaves you winded and sweating and wanting to die. Which it did. At one point I swear I saw dead relatives beckoning to me, so I slowed down.

The class finished at 6:25. I made my way to the changing room and got into my street clothes and left to join Patricia for a quick bite at the Bluenose restaurant around the corner. She had pre-ordered me a clubhouse sandwich, with no fries, which is fine. It arrived a few minutes after I did, and I scarfed it down and looked around for another one. Cardio works up one's appetite.

Patricia had a yoga class at 7:30, so I drove her there and went to the nearby Shopper's Drug Mart to get some deodorant, which will permanently remain in the gym bag for the next time I go.

That next time will be... next Thursday. Will be out of town for the long weekend and be busy when I get back.

My plan is to go to the gym once a week for the first few weeks, and then increase it to twice a week for a while. Once I build up my stamina again, it may go up to three times a week, but that is quite some ways down the road.

I am committed to doing this. I feel pretty good tonight, even though my legs feel like rubber and can barely support me.

By Christmas time, I want to be down 5-6 pounds. I want to go down one pant size by January. This will take some doing on my part, but I will do it. I have to.

Don't get in my way. I may run you over.

See you tomorrow.


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