Saturday, October 11, 2014

Post 2794 - Saturday


Welcome one last time in 2014 to the River John Library, where I type these humble, sub-par words.

Sorry I didn't write on Friday. My body pretty much shut down when we got to the cottage Friday afternoon, and I knew little else for the balance of the day. I missed the deadline for writing a blog post.

We got up this morning and had breakfast at Sharon's Place in Pictou before doubling back to go to Tatamagouche to the farmer's market. It was shutting down, but we ended up getting some veggies at a road-side stand. The people running it were sort-a, kind-a booted from the Farmer's Market because its board of directors were bullied by another member of the market who didn't want these guys there any more. Jealousy, petty jealousy. Until things are resolved they will sell their wares elsewhere. It would make a  nice story for Frank; perhaps I will let Andrew know about it.

When we leave here we will return to the cottage, and I plan to mow as much of the lawn as the weather will let me. We are getting conflicting reports as to the forecast, but as long as it doesn't rain, we should be okay.

There is not much else going on. It has been a restful (probably too restful for me) weekend, and we have 48 hours more to go.

You guys have a good day. And I will see you tomorrow.


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