Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Post 2797 - Monday

It is nearly 9pm. First day back to work after 4 days off.

I thought about taking a sick day today. My chest was still crazy sore when I woke up. Ibuprofen later, I feel better. Thank you for asking.

My latest deadline for Frank Magazine looms. It is due on Thursday. I spent my lunch hour today working on it. I sent a rough draft to Andrew for a quick feedback, and he kindly gave me some. I will make the appropriate changes during my lunch tomorrow, and send it off to him either late tomorrow, or early on Thursday.

When I took on this bi-weekly task, I thought it would be a somewhat easier  job to produce a column than it has proved to be. "Only" 1000 words or so. But I start working on the next column the day after a given is put to bed. It is much harder than writing radio-related blog posts for example. I'm not complaining or anything. A professional writing assignment is something I had long dreamed about, but it is not easy work. If you are a writer who can dash off something then you are either A) lazy, B) a fool, or C) a savant of some kind. I know I am not "C". I hope I am not "A" or "B".

Hey, remember that TV I bought a few weeks ago? The one where the picture craps out and then comes back, and then goes away again? Yeah. That TV. Well, the picture is more-or-less a permanent thing now. It was as if it were kidding with me, saying, "Yeah, I know I am refurbished so I am going to play with your mind. When you least expect it, I will function properly." I have it on right now, in anticipation of watching The Flash.

I have to admit, the picture looks pretty damned good on this TV, better in some ways than the 42 inch 1080p television in the next room. Nice, sharp image.

Hey, did I mention that The Flash was on? No? Well, The Flash is on.

See you tomorrow.


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