Thursday, October 16, 2014

Post 2799 - Thursday

It is Thursday, right? I am not always so sure.

Yes. Thursday. Got it.

Past 10pm. I just spent the better part of an hour installing a pci-e card in a desktop computer, only to have the card not be recognized for some reason. I have a decent desktop machine, but it is one of those  small form factor computers. It looks nice and compact until you open the thing and realize that it is compact inside as well. Reminds me of my old apartment. I had to move three items to get to the one I wanted, which is not a pleasurable way to spend one's time or to be efficient.

Eventually, I got the card in and the cover back on the computer. Hooked up all the cables and usb things I had before, being sure to make use of the new usb ports the card provided. Booted up the computer. And the devices I had plugged into the new usb ports were not recognized. Yippee. Something to worry about tomorrow night or something.

I have finally sent my latest Frank column in. I had sent in a good version of it Wednesday evening before my TM meeting, but added a small piece of news today, which is my deadline day anyway. Andrew will add it, and likely throw out an item that we both agree isn't really news after all.

Now that I have sent in that column, I can start working on the next one. I have already come up with an idea or two for a rant. I will select a vintage radio picture to send in ahead of time. I should get started soon. After all, my next deadline is but a scant two weeks away...

My chest doesn't like it when I take a deep breath or cough or sneeze or laugh. Other than that, it is fine. I may have something to discuss with my doctor next week, after all.

There is not much else to report. Guess I'll watch this week's Talking Dead and turn in.

See you tomorrow for post 2800!


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