Sunday, October 19, 2014

Post 2801 - Sunday


Sorry I didn't write on Saturday. We were out last night enjoying the Nocturne event in Halifax.

We left the house shortly after 6pm and drove to Gottingen, eventually parking on Portland Place. We ate at the Nook on Gottingen Street, a neat little ... nook ... that offers sandwiches and soups and nachos. Had never been there, but we went because we were hungry and they were an official participant in Nocturne. A woman in Dartmouth was internet broadcasting at some venue there, and the Nook was carrying it as well. She was telling stories; the idea was that those who wanted to, could draw whatever they were inspired to, using the crayons and colouring pencils and paper provided by the business. While we ate, Patricia sketched my root beer bottle as well as a bird's wing. The woman who was monitoring the event took pictures of Patricia's work and uploaded them to the tumblr page. I am not on tumblr, but if you are, you can search for "drawing on air" and see the work that the hundreds of participants produced.

After we ate, we wandered around the North End for a short while before realizing that the main action was downtown. We returned to Portland Place and rounded the corner to Brunswick and just made our way to places like the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, where we saw the Mary Pratt exhibit, as well as Fireworks Gallery and a few other places. By this time, it was something like 11:15pm, and it would be over by midnight. We had some severely over-priced frozen yogourt at that new place at Pizza Corner, and then retraced our steps to the car.

Patricia's hip was acting up, so the last 10 minutes or so, I was on my own. This also being the curb-side giveaway weekend, I grabbed an up-for-grabs CD holder that was on my way to the car, as well as a coffee mug for a radio station not in this town, stuffed them in the car, and picked up Patricia.

We got home close to 12:30 this morning. Pooped, we went to bed and slept for a very long time.

Today has been about resting and taking it easy and watching season episodes of "Longmire". The more episodes of the show we see, the more angry and disappointed we are with A&E for cancelling the show in the first place. What were they thinking? And why did they think that people wouldn't be ticked off by this decision? I don't get it. Their most popular show, and they get rid of it. Sigh.

It is back to work in the morning. Another 4 day work week. Taking Friday off to be in the Valley to take care of some matters.

You guys have a good evening.

See you tomorrow.


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