Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Post 2802 - Tuesday

Hello again. Sorry that I didn't write last night, but I wasn't feeling very well. My body pretty much shut down around 8pm.

If it helps I see my doctor Wednesday morning, and part of what I discuss with him will be my over all malaise lately, along with my persistent chest pain from where I tried to lift that lawn tractor 10 days ago.

I can't get into the details very much because there is some sensitivity here, but I am trying to line up an interview for the next week or so. The person wasn't home tonight for me to book the interview, but I will try again tomorrow during my lunch hour or something. This interview may take place over the phone for practical reasons.

To that end, I this evening purchased one of those contraptions you hook up to a land phone (non-cordless) and to a voice recorder that allows you to record both sides of a telephone conversation. As a test, I used it to record a conversation with my mother, and it worked splendidly. Picked up her sotto voice, and my boisterous one. I didn't enjoy spending 30 dollars on the thing, but I should have it for a very long time. Even if I only use it from time to time, it is a neat enough thing to own that I should have had one some time ago.

Meanwhile, Wayne Harrett has tentatively offered me the use of one of Seaside FM's production studios to conduct the interview. I have to admit that I am sorely tempted to go that route. It just seems so much more professional to approach the interview in that way. Michael Enright, here I come!

(No, the interview is not with Michael Enright. I should be so lucky.)

My work week is half over. I will be off on Friday. As it stands, we plan to go on a ghost walk  Thursday evening, a ghost TALK Friday night, and a haunted maze thing at Noggin's Corner (also on Friday night), something hosted by Q104 in Halifax, even though Noggin's Corner is in the Valley where the other things are that night. Go figure.

I guess that's it for this evening.

See you tomorrow, my fine and furried friends.


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