Thursday, October 23, 2014

Post 2804 - Thursday

Well, so much for the ghost walk!

It is nearly 10pm. We remain in Halifax. The weather is so crappy out there -- rain, wind, wind, rain -- that driving to the Valley was not something we wanted to do. Instead, it has been a quiet evening at home.

I purchased a usb pci card for this here desktop computer, after work today. I had to get one that fit this machine, which is a small form factor/low profile unit. Seemed like a great idea at the time, getting this machine, but it is not very expandable. The PCI card fit in there fine, but it only gives me two extra usb ports. The PCI-E card would have given me three more, but the power supply didn't yield any plug that would enable me to "activate" the card, so it wouldn't work. At least I still have those two extra usb ports. Considering this machine is my print server and media server, and has a bunch of hard drives hanging of of it, then one needs plenty of usb ports. And why am I writing 100 words about usb ports?

We will get up very early tomorrow morning and head to the Valley to take care of some business, mostly involving my mother. But we still plan to go to the Ghost "Talk" Friday night and then perhaps to the haunted corn maze nearby.

It promises to be a busy day tomorrow. I guess I'd better get some rest.

See you tomorrow.


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