Sunday, October 26, 2014

Post 2807 - Sunday

Back in the city.

We returned mid-afternoon. Of course, in keeping with the rest of the last few days, it was raining like a frig muffin all the way back. If this were Spring, we could call it "liquid sunshine". Now, in late October, it is "liquid pain-in-the-ass".

Because of the foul weather we didn't go out to the corn maze/haunted house thing either of the last two evenings.  We wanted to go, but there is something about sloshing around at night ending up with pneumonia that goes against my grain. So we stayed inside and finished watching season 3 of "Longmire", and then watched "A Million Ways To Die In The West", which was a much better movie than some critics claimed it would be. It is rude and raunchy, and we laughed more than we thought we would.

We watched SNL as well. Jim Carrey was the host, and it was pretty good.

We got up this morning. I cooked breakfast. We wrangled Newbie into his carrier. We got some "good eats" as Patricia calls them and drove back here. One shower later, and many articles read about Jian Ghomeshi later, and it is 8:30.

I have begun work on my latest Frank column. There is not much radio news this time. Radio ratings are still going on, so I don't anticipate much happening in terms of people coming and going from and to stations until November, when ratings are over; and then again in December when the actual ratings book comes out.

Speaking of Jian Ghomeshi, my Facebook has been blowing up all night over my comments about his plight with the CBC. They fired him in the last couple of days, from a show that he co-created, "Q". He wrote an impassioned plea for his innocence this afternoon and at the same time admitted to some unusual sexual practices with women, which he claims were always consensual. One woman though didn't like it when he broke off with her and has been tormenting him ever since, claiming that she had been sexually assaulted by him.  The CBC did not stand for this and fired him. Over an allegation. Over something that had not been proven at all. Just fired. Or was he fired because his sexual practices included activities that they found to be unbecoming to a radio host, activities that are performed by millions of people who I guess must now worry themselves sick they will also be fired from their accounting or drywall or stock-shelving jobs?

Pierre Trudeau said it best: "The nation has no business in the bedrooms of the nation." Neither, in my opinion, should employers. If you are doing things of a consensual nature with another adult who is in a position to give consent, then those things are nobody's business. Exclamation Mark.

I do not know what the folks in my office do when they are home at night in bed with their partner. It is nobody's business but their own. But if somehow management did find out about certain activities that my colleagues performed in their off hours, should that be grounds for dismissal? I should think not.

I hope this works out well for Jian Ghomeshi. And it sure will be an interesting story, one that will likely make the CBC brass look like a bunch of sanctimonious prigs. Which they probably are.

See you tomorrow.


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