Thursday, October 30, 2014

Post 2811 - A Change Of Plans


I am off work on Friday. Our plan was to go to the cottage tomorrow and shut the place down for the year. However, Patricia has taken ill and we have decided to postpone that visit. Patricia will stay in town.

I will be going to the Valley in the morning. I have some things to take care of down there that I can do now rather than in a week's time. This means that Patricia (and Newbie, whom I will leave behind) will hold down the fort here.

As I have reported here before, we no longer give out candy at Hallowe'en. She will be here tomorrow night and keep the lights off. Probably be upstairs in the bedroom watching "Drop Dead Diva" on Netflix or something. Meanwhile, I will be at my mother's, watching horror movies or something. Good times. Good times.

Andrew seems happy with my latest column. I actually have an exclusive news item, something no other news source has broken yet. I hope that nobody breaks it until Monday, when my column goes live.

There is not much else to report. Been a quiet week.

See you tomorrow, from the Valley.


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