Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Post 2814 - Wednesday

All right. It is just past 10pm. I am still awake. I had better write this blog post before I fall asleep again.

Had my Toastmasters meeting this evening. Not in keeping with the previous VP's of Education, when I got home, I updated the future agenda, printed it off, scanned it in and then emailed it to the club executive. This may seem silly. I could just update the spreadsheet and email that to folks, but I chose to do it this way because I use an unusual spreadsheet application called Gnumeric. I figured it would be better to scan it in and save it as a PDF file and then send it out to everyone. Don't judge me.

Besides, I am doing far more than others did in the club. I lost track of how many times this piece of paper would go missing. I will be generous and state that this happened half a dozen times before I took over the role. Unacceptable. Drove me crazy, especially the whole "who cares?" attitude in which it was done, over and over and over.

This way, if something happens to the paper agenda that's next to my computer monitor, I can just print off another copy and continue on my merry way. Or another member of the executive can. No more excuses And are you bored yet?

I have decided that there are 4 things in life that one should not discuss in polite company. It used to be two. You shouldn't discuss religion, politics, fracking, and... Jian Ghomeshi. Very little good can come from discussing any of these things.

I have started work on my next Frank column. Have about six news items already, and I am sure that there will be more. And I hope to be able to announce in  my next column who my next interview subjects will be. Frank is interested in running at least two of them, but time is running out. My deadline for transcribing any interviews for them is around the first of December.

Two more days before the weekend, when we go to the cottage one last time in 2014, to shut the joint down for another year.

You guys have a good evening. Keep smiling.


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