Thursday, November 6, 2014

Post 2815 - This and That


How was your day? Mine was awesome. Thank you for asking.

This time tomorrow we will be looking out the window here at the house and hoping that the weather will improve enough for us to drive to the cottage, there to shut the place down for another year. We both want it to happen.

We should have shut it down during the Thanksgiving weekend, but between the poor weather and my nearly unending slumber, not as much got done as should have. I still hear about this, nearly every day. Perhaps after this weekend, that discussion will be over.

Will be a funny several days. Off for Saturday and Sunday. Back to work on Monday. The 11th is a day off, and I will be taking another day off on the 12th, and back to work on the 13th and 14th before there is another weekend.

I spoke to my mother earlier this evening. I bought her a subscription to Frank so that she can read my column. She asked why the "Bevboy tip of the week" wasn't there. The truth is that it was cut by the editor, and I can see why he made that decision. It has been getting harder and harder to come up with something that can constitute a tip, a radio show or feature that someone should check out. It is a political thing in a very real sense. I don't want to be accused of stating nice things about the same station, or company, at the expense of other companies and other stations. And after getting to know the jocks and developing an appreciation for more and more of the content the stations put out, I truly find it difficult to find something about a station that I actively dislike. It is not impossible, as you can see from the rant in my latest column about limited playlists. There are policies of a company that I don't like. There may be disagreements with how a station abruptly changes direction or fires people at the drop of a hat. And more than a few jocks are paid subsistence wages (they tell me), which makes me cross because I know that the station owners are always wealthy and could afford to pay more if they wanted to. But by and large there is a lot of content in the Halifax market that I enjoy quite a bit.

So, let's just say that the tip of the week is going on vacation. When I find something I love to bits, I will put it in a column, and make the tip a special event that really means something as opposed to something I put out there because I thought I should.

Any questions?


The column will continue. I serve at my editor's pleasure. I will make the column as good and as interesting as I can, and I hope my editor and my readers like it as well.

Folks have asked me whether I will do other professional writing. Depends on whether there are any offers out there. Hustling to pitch stories, research and write them, and try to sell them to a publication, doesn't appeal to me very much. The romance of the writer sitting in his garret, consulting his muse and dashing off a little something, has virtually nothing to do with the reality of being a working writer. The hustling, etc., isn't something I want to do.

If someone wants to approach me to write something, I'll listen. But I am not holding my breath.

Any questions?

I guess that is it for tonight.

See you tomorrow.


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