Friday, November 7, 2014

Post 2816 - Friday

It is past 11pm. I will turn in as soon as I write this post.

I will get up as early as possible on Saturday morning so that we can drive to the cottage and shut 'er down for another year. It is my intention to return here Saturday evening, so it will be a very long day indeed.

After work this evening we went to Costco. On the way out, we noticed a sign advertising a Bose home stereo system for a price that didn't make me want to throw up. Bose stereos have astonishing sound, and they wanted to get rid of the last few of the previous year's model so they could sell this year's model, for more money.

Turns out that there was exactly one more of them in the store, and I ended up getting it. We got it home, and after a little fiddling and farting I got it working. After knocking the paintings off the wall, and robbing Newbie of 40% of his fur, I realized that every word that has been written about Bose sound systems is correct. We will very much enjoy this addition to the home this Winter! I'm sure that my hearing will return in a couple of days.

Guess that is it for this evening.

See you tomorrow.


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