Sunday, November 9, 2014

Post 2817 - Sunday

Well, I wish I could tell you that we went to the cottage this weekend and shut it down and everything else.

But we didn't.

Instead we stayed in town. Patricia was feeling a little blah, and was enjoying the Bose sound system I hooked up to the HDTV in the living room. I was, too. My god, was amazing sound. My god, I got a good deal on those 2.1 speakers. They are usually so much more expensive.

I spent some time in the back yard yesterday afternoon, trying to de-clutter. There were some things laying around that I have put away for the Winter months. The ample amount of storage under my new front and back decks is coming in very handy.

Late last night I got a FB message from my next door neighbour that informed me that a couple of kids tried to jump the fence into my back yard. Someone saw them and yelled at them, and they scurried off. I appreciated the heads up. But shortly after my home was broken into in 2007, I have had a state-of-the-art security system in place. I will not discuss its specifics here, but let's just say that it has bought me peace of mind to the point where not even a village idiot would break into this place. They would realize what I have and break into someone else's house.

Today I made French Toast for the two of us. It is my specialty. Even Newbie wanted some, but we told him no.

I dashed into Bayer's Lake this afternoon, returning with some cat litter that all of us could tolerate. For some reason, cat litter is something that is nearly as personal a choice as pizza. Cats are finicky at the best of times, but finding a litter that both Cindy and Newbie would use was a big challenge. Since she died, and we are therefore down to one cat, we are choosing a litter that he likes plus one that doesn't get tracked throughout the house or stink up the joint due to its perfumey fragrance. Found one today that is odourless, colourless, grass-based, and is not one a cat is likely to lick off its paws and ingest. Apparently, cats ingesting litter is a primary source of cats' dying, as they cannot pass the litter, so it stays in their stomachs and interferes with what is supposed to be in their tummies. The things you think about!

I have been gradually replacing all the incandescent light bulbs in my house with LED ones. They are expensive to buy but eventually pay for themselves. The only drawback I have found so far is that it has been hard to find a bulb that would fit in the small space set aside for a bulb in the lower-end ceiling fans I have in a couple rooms in the house. My home office here is pretty small and could only accommodate a smaller ceiling fan, so a bunch of years ago I bought one of these ceiling fans for 20 dollars or so. It still works flawlessly. But the LED bulb I found for it that fits in the glass base is only the equivalent of a 40 watt bulb, which is woefully insufficient for this room. Even the 60 watt bulb I had in it before, an incandescent one designed for a ceiling fan, was no great shakes, but it was a damn sight better than what is there now.

So, my question is: Does anybody know of an LED bulb that is the equivalent of at least a 60 watt bulb, that will fit in a very small space, like an enclosed ceiling fan? Has the technology reached the point where such a bulb can exist? Or do I have to have other lights on in this room, which sorta defeats the purpose of what I am trying to achieve, which is energy cost savings? Do let me know, please.

You guys have a good night.

See you tomorrow.


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