Monday, November 10, 2014

Post 2818 - Monday

It is around 10:30. I will turn in shortly.

I am off on Tuesday and on Wednesday. In the morning I will drive to my mother's; and on Wednesday will take care of the issues that need to be addressed. Due to what I need to do, I will not produce a post that day. Sorry. Policy.

I have been working on my latest Frank column. I produced nearly 1100 words this evening. I have printed it off. I will take a couple of hours on Tuesday and edit it, making sure it gets into my editor by Thursday, my deadline.

Someone wrote a pretty caustic email to me today, to my Frank email address. The comments were so off-base, so out there, that I worry about their writer's mental state. He and I had seemed to get along when I interviewed him a couple of years ago, but now he goes off on me because he disagreed with my most recent column.

I took some time this evening in my column to try to refute his assertions; the editing I mentioned above will be my way to make my comments as succinct as possible.

I have little way of knowing who reads my column, but if the mail that they're getting at Frank is any indication, then I guess the right people are reading it.

I do hope that you guys check out the new  Frank when it comes out in a week's time. It will be 1100 words or so of Frankly goodness.

Not much else is going on. Newbie is above on his perch, staring down at me. Don't worry, buddy. I am leaving you behind tomorrow, so you can torment keep Patricia company.

See you tomorrow.


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