Saturday, November 15, 2014

Post 2821 - Saturday

Hi, folks.

So, I didn't write last night. I am sorry about that. My body just kind of shut down last evening around 8. It had been a very long week, not the least of which was the extremely trying day that Wednesday was. I needed my rest.

Before that, though, I returned that flat screen television I had bought earlier in the week. 30 bucks is 30 bucks. I felt a little guilty, returning it to the Sally Ann. Their mandate is to help poor people, and one way they do that is to have these thrift stores where people can get some good bargains, and where nearly everything is sold tax free. Probably some quirk in the Nova Scotia tax system that I don't understand and never will. I would have been thrilled to keep that tv, had it been in good repair; but I am not rich enough to be able to keep things that don't work and never will. You understand.

I am typing these humble words on a desktop computer that a former neighbour gave me a few years ago. It was a couple of years old, then. Over the years, I have doubled the ram, added a front card reader, added a second (and, this evening, a third!) hard drive, and numerous usb ports. All of this has been at very little cost. It is now the computer I go to before my so-called main desktop, which has all the other hard drives hanging off of it so that I can have a media center.

Lately, though, I have been re-thinking that and been considering swapping out the computers. I have nearly 3TB of storage on this machine, and can probably squeeze a 4th hard drive in here, to take it up to nearly 5. Doing that would enable me to retire some other external hard drives, and likely even save me some money in electricity costs, since the internal hard drives would draw power from the internal power supply.

I could easily install PLEX media server on this desktop, and it has plenty of power to run it and also act as a print server, as my current main desktop does.

I am trying to think of a downside to it. The only one I can think of is that the computer desk over there would not easily accommodate this computer. The other one is a small form factor thing and fits perfectly in the space I have set aside for it. It is also not quite as old as this machine. And I like this computer and the computer desk a great deal; it is in a part of my home office that gives me quite a bit more privacy.

Perhaps I will leave well enough alone. After all, what I have now works just fine. Which is a metaphor for my life, come to think of it.

In other news, the new issue of Frank comes out on Monday. Without giving too much away, I am the recipient of a pretty snotty email from a noted broadcaster, and I think I rebut him quite well. My response was edited, but I agree with the changes. I hope you check it out. It will be the best $4.xx you will spend this coming week.

I guess that is it for this evening. You take care of yourselves and I will see you tomorrow.

Unless I sleep all day.



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