Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Post 2824 - A Lucky Bevboy!

It is past 10pm. Will turn in shortly.

I almost took a tumble down the stairs just now. They're the ones that I use to get to my recroom and home office, where I type these humble words. I scraped my right elbow, which is leaking blood.

I have lived in this house for nearly 14 years and never had an accident on the stairs before. I do remember my first Winter here, 2001, when I stepped out on my front step on a bracing morning and slipped on a patch of ice. The next thing I knew, I was flying through the air before landing on my back in front of those steps. That was fun.

And, come to think of it, 10 years or so ago, I was carrying a computer tower down these same stairs I just fell on, and slipped, slamming into the closet at the bottom of the stairs, which jammed the tower into my chest, which hurt like a living frig muffin. That was fun, too. The difference tonight was that I nearly fell at the top of the stairs this evening. And while we are at it, is there another word for "stairs"?

I will have to make up a story to tell Patricia. She will just nod ruefully and mutter something about how I'm left-handed and that it is a damned wonder I have lived to be the age I am without losing my life or a limb or an eye or an ear or a testicle or a lung or a kidney or an ovary or a kneecap or a wrist or a finger or an elbow or a foot or an eyebrow or a shoulder or a toe or an Achilles tendon or a sense of self worth. I will wonder the same thing. Just don't make me repeat it.

I had my flu shot this evening while we were at Costco. Unlike many other things at Costco, I only had to get one of them rather than five. Perhaps I should contact their CEO and tell them of their terrible inconsistency.

We watched "The Flash" just now. The show started out to be very good and has improved every week. I still think that by the rate it's going it will become the best show in the history of shows, by the end of its second season.

I don't watch "Arrow" very much. It is on Wednesday evenings, when I am at my Toastmasters meeting, and I missed too many episodes to follow it. My bad. But I know that Stephen Arnell is. And I loved his comments about the new, new Flash actor.

Maybe I should rename this post "Hodge Podge". I'm all over the place tonight.


Time to wash my elbow. Still bloody.

See you tomorrow.


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