Thursday, November 20, 2014

Post 2826 - Thursday

After 10:30. I will turn in shortly.

I am off until Monday so yay for me.

Patricia's birthday was today. She is mumblety-mumble years young. I had to work today and she didn't, so we have agreed that her special day will be on Friday. I will make us a nice dinner on Friday. But, before that, I will have to go downtown to pick up some winnings.

Let me explain.

Every year we have a United Way campaign, part of which consists of an online auction, which was today. I ended up winning several of these auctions, most of which consisting of Rudy's Coffee Club cards, good for 20 coffees. I am not sure what their coffees cost, but we're talking about at least $1.50 each, which works out to about 30 bucks to buy 20. With me so far? Well, I won several of these auctions, and am paying no more than 12 bucks for any of the cards, so I am getting a really good deal. I am not downtown all that much any more, but I do go there most every morning to drop off Patricia, so jumping into Rudy's to get a pre-paid coffee a few dozen times sounds like a no-brainer.

It's funny. Rudy's coffee cards. Ha ha. That is a major prize at the local MBS stations. You call in and answer whatever dumb ass question they have for you, participate in whatever foolish contest they put in front of you, and you win one of these stupid cards. I have some dignity.

I spoke with my mother this evening. She got the latest Frank today, with the attempted character assassination by the semi-retired jock directed at yours truly. She was worried that this man was no longer my friend and wasn't happy that such things were said about her only surviving son (I had a brother who died when I was 5). I told her that she needn't worry, that I can take care of myself, and that my position with Frank is safe, as long as I keep writing 1000 words of content every 2 weeks which please my editor enough to want to publish them and keep paying me. Controversy sells magazines.

The only small downside of this column is the fact that I know that people are going to take pot shots at me, with the number one criticism being that I do not work in radio, so I therefore have no business writing about it. I don't care if they write that, as I expect that comment. As I have stated before nearly to the point of people asking me not to state it any more, not being in radio is a strength because I can write what I want without being fired from anything. The people whom I piss off can do nothing to me when I write about them, as everything I write is the truth. They may not like that truth, but it is the truth. And that is the only defence that matters.

I mean, if I wrote about my work with this way, which I wouldn't, but if I did, I would be in my boss' office for a very special conversation which would involve an HR representative and someone from my union. But by writing about an industry which I do not work in, just take a strong interest in, I have a degree of freedom that is extremely freeing. Jocks can write me and pass along information that they wouldn't dare tell me on the record. They can do this knowing that I would never reveal their identity to anyone, not even my editor. I love this feeling, and I haven't had so much fun writing something in a long time. I hope it comes across in the published work.

Anyway, I should turn in. Have to get up comparatively early to pick up some coffee cards. Frig MBS.

See you tomorrow.


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