Saturday, November 22, 2014

Post 2828 - Saturday


Very long day. We went to the cottage this morning, which is more than a 2 hour drive from here. We finished preparing the place for Winter, which involved throwing some things out and putting other things in the car to bring back with us. I can now happily state that there is a sound bar down there to hook up to a tv to enhance our viewing pleasure. And, it has a built in FM radio. Not the greatest tuner in the world, but it does pull in local stations, which is all I can ask for. It produces decent sound, and once we hook it up to an HDTV, which doesn't exist yet, we will have a pretty good home theatre system down there.

We got there around 12:30. We left around 3:30. We had dinner at the Big Stop in Enfield. The food filled us up, but that is not a reflection on its quality. We were hungry and would have eaten most anything.

We got back here around 6:30. I have been washing some clothes. And I have been sniffling and sneezing for the last half hour or so. I am bushed. Wiped out. Nothing else to offer.

See you guys tomorrow.


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