Sunday, December 7, 2014

Post 2840 - A Fateful Tape

Hi. Nearly 10pm.

How was your day? Mine was as uneventful as you can imagine. Slept in late. Went out to get a tree. Came back here. Cooked supper. Came back downstairs where I have been ever since.

I have been misplacing, finding, and then misplacing, a cassette tape for several years now. I can state that it is directly in front of this computer monitor. It contains a 1997 radio interview between Annapolis Valley Radio's Terry Thomas and Donna Goler. It came out right after the book about the Golers was published, the one I have never been able to bring myself to read, but which I replaced in recent months when the copy I had had for many years went missing itself.

A few years ago I digitized the cassette, but don't ask me what happened to the file other than I burned a copy of it and gave it to Darrin Harvey, a friend of Terry's. This time, I will make sure that I keep a copy of the interview. The cassette is a "supertape gold plus 90", which came from Radio Shack. Many of the cassettes that came from that company were cheaply made to the extreme, and I am surprised that this thing still plays. But it does, and it is my only source for this interview.

When the book came out, Donna Goler was interviewed on many television talk shows across the country. The book produced a great deal of heat, and therefore some light. It was the same thing that happened when they were all tried 30 years ago. But all these years later, I wonder about the Goler family, and whether they still do what they have done for a couple of hundred years now.

There is a great deal of lingering interest in this case. To this day, if you have a copy to sell, it is not hard to find a buyer for it. There is someone selling a paperback version for $25 on kijiji right now. I have seen hardcover editions for 60 dollars or so. And if  you want to borrow a copy from the local library, be prepared to be in a long line up of people wanting to read it. As I have pointed out before, there is no way in hell that this book could be published today in its present form. FOIPOP laws have changed so much in the intervening years that even the names of the accused could not be given out, because to do so would then identify the victims.

At any rate, I have this cassette interview with Donna. I will digitize it. And I will offer it, for research purposes only, to anyone who writes me requesting a copy.

Back to the Christmas ties tomorrow. My goodness, weekends go by quickly.

See you tomorrow.


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