Sunday, December 28, 2014

Post 2857 - Sunday

Hello again, my friends.

Today has been a quiet day, even quieter than Saturday, believe it or not. The highlight was watching "Dumb and Dumber To". If you liked the first one, 20 years ago, I highly doubt if you will like this one at all. There is the odd chuckle, but only the odd one. People collecting a pay cheque. At least it wasn't as bad as "Horrible Bosses 2".

A few hours ago, I took this here desktop computer apart and successfully installed a solid state hard drive in it. I was all out of bays, so I used two small strips of velcro to affix the drive to the bottom of the tower, right next to the fan. I had cables necessary to hook it up to the power supply, and to connect a data cable to a sata data card. Turns out that I can theoretically hook up one more device as I have one more unused sata data connection. Because we all know that five hard drives in a computer are not nearly enough. Right?

Installing the SSD in the machine continues its unbroken record of being a very low cost computer to upgrade and maintain. The sata power cable was at my mother's in a plastic bag that I had forgotten about. The sata data cable cost me $3.45  a month or so ago. The no-name velcro strips came from a dollar store. And the solid state drive was liberated from another computer. In the coming days, I will put a fresh OS on that SSD and see how quickly the computer runs then. I am hoping to get another couple of years out of this machine. No reason why that should not happen.

We have been off work for 5 days now. Back to work tomorrow for three days before January 1st. I am having a hard time believing that 2014 is nearly over. I have high hopes for 2015. I hope you do, too.

I guess that's it for tonight.

See you tomorrow.


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