Monday, December 29, 2014

Post 2858 - Monday

Well, one third of my work week is down. Just two days to go.

We got the shock of our year when we got home this evening. There was a truck in the drive way, and another one parked on the street perpendicular to the truck. We don't own a truck. Turned out that the shed that Patricia had custom ordered some time ago, was being built. The guys are probably 80% done.

The surprise was that the order for the construction of said shed was postponed some six weeks ago. Somehow, this postponement was not recorded where it should have been, and these guys got a work order that should never have been prepared in the first place.

We are not angry at the guys who did the work. They got the work order. Not their fault. But nobody called us, told us, that they would be here today. So when we got home and there was a huge shed dominating the back yard, it was more than a surprise, actually. More like a shock.

Patricia will need some time to decompress. Then she will get on the phone with the company and find out just what happened, and why.

Very strange indeed.

Another strange thing is that there was a major layoff in radio today. Came out of nowhere. Courtney Amirault of Live 105 was shown the door, right after she finished what turned out to be her final Late Lunch.  Evanov, do you know what the hell you just did?  What the hell is wrong with you guys? Give your collective heads a shake. Do you realize how much you  mess with people's lives when you fire them willy nilly? Do you take your how-to-run-a-radio-station-into-the-ground advice from Robert Pace?

I will have more details on this story in my next Frank magazine column.

I have a couple other pieces of radio news, but they will have to wait for my next column.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow. Looking forward to what new structures will adorn my property by Tuesday night.



scott s. said...

What consultant didn't like courtney?

That's the problem working in a largely subjective business, far too easy to be gone out the door when you PO people.

The schools crank em out, and as there are fewer stations out there with employees doing multiple jobs for not great pay, it's a employers market where talent is a tool to help you get an audience for the advertiser. sometimes you have to replace the tools.

Unknown said...

And now Chris Pottie as well?? That is a HELL of a lot of line up changes since Evanov has been on the air.

Bevboy said...

Scott and Lisa, you are so right. I have known for a long time now just how precarious a career in radio can be, and is. And to see people I know and like and who are extremely capable be fired, is beyond disappointing.

My next column for Frank will be very forthright.