Thursday, December 31, 2015

Post 3152 - Finally. The End of 2015

Post's title pretty much says it all.

As I write this it is just past midnight on January 1st, 2016. I will spend the next 10 days or so struggling to write the correct year. But because of the vagaries of the time stamps on the blog, it will still state it is December 31st.

The year began poorly. On January 14th, my mother died, and a chunk of me died with her. I think of her every day. There were family repercussions as a result of her death that are still reverberating through my life. I think I will leave it at that.

As 2015 progressed, I have bounced through from one day to the next until a week was gone. I'd string weeks together to form a month. Eventually, we got to where we are today. I can't wait for this year to be over.

All I am hoping for in 2016 is that it doesn't suck as much as 2015 did.

Earlier this evening, Patricia asked me what resolutions I had in mind for 2016. I replied I want to take better care of myself. I am at the point where when I roll out of bed in the morning, my stomach hits the floor before my feet do. That is not good. I will go for long walks, maybe even along the beach, possibly as the sun is going down. I haven't decided yet.

I want to take better care of my house. In 2014 I spent 1000's on a new deck. I stained it during the summer. I will stain it once if not twice in 2016. I will continue the never-ending task of throwing out stuff that has piled up around here over the years. I have already found that Goler book that had gone missing for years and years. What other neat treasures will I find?

I try to be optimistic. It is not easy for me, but I try. And I will try to make 2016 better than 2015. I hope you do, too.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Post 3151 - Radio News - Revised

This is neat news.

Richard Zurawski is spinning off his weekly Science Files radio show, and will have his own radio show on News 95.7. It will be called "Richard Zurawski's Science Files". It debuts on February 6th, and will run from 11-noon AST.

This means that, if you want to, you can listen to Richard's show on News 95.7, and then switch over to the CBC at noon to listen to "Quirks and Quarks". Two hours of science programming on local radio. How much will you pay now?

I am trying to get more details. Perhaps Richard will give me a quotation or two to insert into this post. But what I know so far is that every week for the first 15 minutes, Saint Mary's University Astro Physics professor Rob Thacker will join Richard and talk about science news. Then, he will speak to other science professors at SMU. He will also talk to leading scientists across the country about the science issues of the day.

The Science Files feature on Mondays on the Rick Howe Show is very entertaining. He makes science interesting, compelling and understandable to even dullards like me. And Richard tells me that the Science Files on The Rick Howe Show every Monday morning will remain, and he will also keep doing a similar show on 570 News. Richard has asked me to specify that the sponsor for his new show will be Saint Mary's University, also known as SMU.

Say, I managed to correct Richard on a logarithmic issue a few months ago. He was discussing the Richter scale and said that an earthquake that was a 9 was 10000 times more powerful than one at 4. I did the math.


5 10x more powerful than a 4
6 100x
7 1000x
8 10000x
9 100000x

I reported this error to him. He said I was right. And that is the only time I will ever be able to correct someone of his stature on anything. Of course, he was on live radio, and being off by an order of magnitude is a very easy mistake to make when you don't have the figures in front of you. But I will still claim this victory if you don't mind.

I look forward to catching Richard's new show. The station streams online here, so there is no excuse for you not to hear it. And there will be a podcast, so you can even download the sucker and hoard it on your hard drive, along with all your other podcasts you follow.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Post 3150 - Finally!

I knew I wasn't losing my mind. I knew it was around here somewhere.

I have written about the Goler Clan before. They are the inbred family in the Annapolis Valley (well, technically, the South Mountain overlooking the Valley) whom "normal" folk ignored for decades until, in 1984 or so, one girl in the family complained to the right person that she was being molested, and an awful lot of them were arrested and went to trial.

It was a very big story at the time. Then, it was over; and since the details were so salacious, and embarrassing to the hoity-toities who didn't want to hear about it, since it made them squeamish and made them look bad for not doing something sooner, the story was filed away.

Fast forward to 1997 when a couple of journalists, along with that girl who reported the abuse (Donna Goler), produced this book:

There were many tv interviews about the book, and at least one damning radio call-in show featuring the late Terry Thomas interviewing Donna. Who should call in, but her mother, attempting to refute everything that had been proved in court years before. I have that call-in show and must re-digitize it from the native cassette, as the CD I produced from it went astray some time ago. I likely have one or two of the TV interviews, too, on vhs. Good luck finding the tape, so I can digitize its contents.

But I digress.

I bought that book for my sister for Christmas in 1997. As far as I know, it still sits on her bookshelf. I waited until the following November to pick up the paperback. Somewhere along the way, I thought I had lent it to Patricia, but she denied it. The book disappeared into the ether somewhere. A couple of years ago, I bought a replacement copy. I think it's a hardcover. 20 bucks or so. I wouldn't have sold the original. I wouldn't have given it away. But I knew not where it was.

Until Monday evening.

I was sifting through some ephemera Monday evening in anticipation of putting it in a clear plastic bag to go out with my recycling on January 5th, when the book revealed itself to me.

Now, I officially have two copies of the book again. And since the details in the book are so raw and emotional, and since it names names of both the accused and the victims (a definite no-no in 2015 Canada, where privacy rights overrule common sense) there is no way this book could ever be reprinted, not without changing a great deal of the content, starting with the subtitle of the damned book.

I am not sure what to do with the extra copy. I know of a woman who runs a used bookstore in Upper Tantallon who has a copy of the book in hardcover and wants 60 dollars for it. Eventually, she will get that 60 dollars.

I am reluctant to lend the book, or any book for that matter. Too many people are irresponsible with books lent to them, thinking it is their property to do with as they wish; underlining special passages; folding back the pages to use as bookmarks (because they have never heard of bookmarks); placing the book on a table or whatnot, open, destroying the spine; reading it in the bathroom and inadvertently pissing on it; or what have you. Or my favourite. I lend a book, and the person denies ever receiving it, or thinks it is a gift, the way Putin claimed Robert Kraft's Superbowl ring as his own. I don't like to lend books, and now you know why.

So, I guess I will keep this second copy of the book. Some day, I will read it all the way through, and then take multiple showers to try to get the stench of it off me.

Maybe, just maybe, I will wish I hadn't found that book on Monday night.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, December 28, 2015

Post 3149 - Monday

Hello. Late.

I am off work all this week, so I am keeping irregular hours. It is nearly 12:45am on Tuesday. A lot of my co-workers will be back at 'er in just a few hours, but I will not be there with them. Next week.

We watched two movies today. "Bridge of Spies", starring Tom Hanks, was excellent. It is such a pleasure to see a movie that's so well acted you forget there are no car chases or explosions. And this evening we watched "Spectre", the latest Bond movie. I don't get why the critics have been so hard on this movie. It is likely Daniel Craig's second best outing as Bond, behind "Skyfall", and ahead of "Casino Royale".

Not much else going on. Loading up a micro sd card with as many songs as it can hold. Then, tomorrow, I will do the same to two other cards. The excitement that is my life. Maybe Mike Cranston was on to something.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post 3148 - Two Days Later

Hi. Merry Christmas. Happy Boxing Day. Whatever.

Like Jacob Marley, I have been making rather merry lately. I have inadvertently taken a couple of days away from the blog, and my 4.7 readers are disappointed. Some are threatening to move on to other blogs, which hurts my feelings. So, I will make a deal. There will be at least one blog post going on until the end of the year. And a New Year's resolution will be to write at least one post a day. K?

Saturday we ended up watching "A Moody Christmas" on Netflix, followed by the 8 episode series just called "The Moody's". It's an Australian show about how a dysfunctional family celebrates Christmas, over the course of 6 years. There is the usual layabout, the guy who means well but accomplishes nothing, and the guy who gets the girl, loses her, gets her again. Great fun show. I hope you check out both versions.

Today I awoke with a headache. But I got up anyway, and we drove to Bayer's Lake to the Staples. They had 32GB micro sd cards on special, and I got two of them, for our new smartphones. Like I think I mentioned before, these are so-called "budget" smartphones, the Moto G3 3rd generation, but I don't view a phone that retails for $249 as being a budget phone. If you do, then you make more money than I do, and I hate you. It only has 1GB of ram, and 8GB of storage, most of which is used up on mine just a few days later, what with the few apps I have downloaded. I got the micro sd card in an effort to move at least some of those apps to the card, and store a bunch of songs.

Speaking of music, Constant Reader Mike Richards, morning guy at CKBW in Bridgewater, has been extolling the virtues of bluegrass music to me in recent months. I was a hard sell. I though the music was kinda corny, what with the banjo's, no percussion, and the vocal style. I am slowly eating those early words.  I have Sirius XM on my new phone, as well as on my tablet and installed on my Roku devices (plus an actual Sirius XM radio). It is easy peasy to use wifi to get the Sirius XM content and stream it to a use a bluetooth-enabled  soundbar in my recroom. I found the bluegrass channel and have been listening to it a lot, and the music is starting to grow on me. I will likely fire up the app in a few more minutes and listen some more, before I turn  in.

Oh, the drive back to the house after the trip to Staples was not without incident. There is a double negative in the previous sentence. I will give you a moment to process it. Done? Okay. The storm hit while we were gone. The roads were greasy. A guy stepped out in front of us, and we could not stop in time. The gentleman stepped back on the side walk and walked behind us. He was fine. We were scared crapless. A little further up the road, a woman pulled her car out in front of us to get to the Ultramar station. She went into a skid. To avoid hitting her, we slammed on the brakes again, went into a spin, and hit the lip of a sidewalk next to a driveway.  The car behind us barely stopped in time. We got home, kissed the ground, and went inside, where we have been ever since.

My headache, despite the pill I had taken earlier, remained, and got even worse.

I have spent the day resting, and now my sleep pattern is frigged up. Thanks, Guy At Sidewalk. Thanks, Lady Who Couldn't Wait Five Seconds Until We Had Driven Past You.

You have a good evening. See you tomorrow. Unless someone drive into the house and kills us or something.


Friday, December 25, 2015

Post 3147 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Fourteen

We have reached the end of the road, ladies and gentlemen. The last day of the 2015 Christmas Tie Extravaganza.

This was taken on my new smartphone a Moto G3, one of the so-called "budget" smartphones out there that still cost $249.99 to buy new, but which is "zero dollars" following a 2 year contract. It has a 13mp back facing camera and at least a 5mp front-facing one. 8GB of storage and 1GB of ram. Blows the pants right off the smartphone I already had, and runs much faster than the tablet I got a few weeks ago. I am not sure how much faster a top-of-the-line phone would be.

The 8th year of the Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza is over. I am relieved, as it has become more and more difficult to find places to get my picture taken in. I hope you have enjoyed it. Whether I do it again next year is up to you. Let me know.
At any rate, I spent the rest of Christmas Eve here at the house. Christmas morn came, and we opened prezzies. We are just relaxing now.

I will write more about Christmas 2015, later on today, or on the morrow.

Ciao for now.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Post 3146 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Thirteen

Ah. That feels better.

My hair, while indescribably beautiful, flowing, luxuriant, was getting long and shaggy; so during my coffee break this morning I hied myself over to Helen's Barber Shop on Kempt Road. They have been taking care of my hair for a few years now, and always do a good job. Sailor Bup's, in the downtown, attracts lots of guys, but it costs a lot more. If you are in need of a hair cut, whether you have an imbalance of X and Y chromosomes or not, then Helen's Barber Shop is a great place to go. You will be satisfied with the result.

Caitlyn took care of my hair today, as she did the last time, in October. We chatted amiably. Her uncle and aunt have a cottage in River John. Her folks are in Truro. And she is a very talented hair stylist. I think she's just great. I think that perhaps I will specifically ask for her from now on.

After the job was over, she kindly posed for a couple pictures with me. Here they are. I hope you like them.

See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Post 3145 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Twelve

At the end of another work day. Only two more of them in 2015. Someone needs a break.

Heading into my first Christmas without my mother. This is hitting me a lot harder than I expected. Earlier this afternoon, I reached for the phone to see how she was doing, and then stopped myself. Sigh.

See you tomorrow. 


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Monday, December 21, 2015

Post 3144 - A Neat Christmas Story

Like many of you, I was taken with the story last week of the retired postal worker who, in 1993, while volunteering his time as a Santa answering children's letters, received a letter from a little girl. Not just any letter: it was a letter from a 9 year old girl who wanted her parents to stop fighting and to remain together.  Here is the link to the story.

Turns out that the girl has grown up to be a radio person, working for CKBW in Bridgewater, in the newsroom. Veteran radio guy, and daily blog reader, Mike Richards, works with this woman, and filled in a couple more details for me. If further turns out that Mike is friends with this postal worker, a fellow named Tom Hurst. The guy was best man at Mike's wedding. And, over the years, they have discussed this story many times. Now, 22 years later, Candyce Sellars works at the same station Mike does, in many ways giving this uplifting story even more closure.

I love stories like this. Help me keep my Christmas spirit.

I am trying to get an up-to-date picture of Candyce Sellars. I am not FB friends with her, at least not yet. When I get one, I will update this blog post with that image.

I have something in my eye.

See you tomorrow.


Post 3143 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Eleven Point Five

Yeah. I know. 11.5.

We were out shopping tonight at Sunnyside Mall in Bedford. And... there was Santa Claus. He wasn't busy at the moment, so I jumped on his lap, breaking one of his legs in the process, and began listing the things I wanted for the holidays. After I mentioned a new car and world peace, he told me that was enough for anybody. I guess he's right. I mean, with a new car, you can drive wherever you want and agitate for world peace. And, if there is world peace, you can probably concentrate on getting that new car.

Santa is a smart guy.

See you in a bit. I still owe you that story I teed up this afternoon.


Post 3142 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extragavanza 2015, Day Eleven


I'm sorry I didn't write over the weekend. I wasn't feeling well. Well, that, and I spent many hours watching "Making a Murderer" on Netflix. You must watch it.

Today's picture was inspired by my friend Robert Collins, a regular Blog reader, who comments on nearly every blog post, usually minutes after I've written it. He had won a Stephanie Domet bobblehead from CBC radio. Rather than have it collect dust at his home, and have his wife rag on him about it ask him to get rid of it, he decided to give it to me.


I have been outspoken about Stephanie Domet. I have to respect and acknowledge that she had her fans. I was not one of them. When I think about the talented broadcasters at the local CBC who are underutilized, who fight to get any airtime at all, for Ms. Domet to clutter the airwaves with her brand of broadcasting seemed like a horrid waste to me. Gimme Jackie Torrens. Gimme Carmen Klassen. Gimme Louise Renault, moved over from Information Morning, and into her own full-time radio show.

Stephanie's lasting contribution to the lexicon will probably be the phrase "storm chips", the kind of snacks one should stockpile for Nova Scotia winters when it is foolhardy to venture outside, on days when Netflix beckons like a dead relative standing in a far off light. It is not a bad way to be remembered.

The phrase took off. Now, you can buy actual storm chips. And other people have come up with storm wine and storm beer. I wonder if storm heroin is available from your local drug dealer.

Anyway, Robert gave me this bobblehead, and it seemed to me to be appropriate to pose with it for a Christmas tie photo, or nine.

I hope you like them.

I plan to write another blog post later on today. I can fill in a few pieces to the story about the postal worker who got the letter to Santa and how he spent the next 22 years trying to find out who wrote it. Stuff the CBC hasn't reported that makes the story all the more interesting.

See you then.


Friday, December 18, 2015

Post 3141 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Ten

Lots of fun tonight at the Historic Properties in downtown Halifax. 

How was your day? 

See you tomorrow.  


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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Post 3140 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Nine

At home, after a day at work where we had the mother of all potluck lunches, I had to sit down, and get my picture taken.


See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Post 3139 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Eight

Hello again, folks.

Here I am at my work, kicking back after a hard day's labour, nose to the grindstone, sweat dripping off my brow, etc.

You will notice, in the upper left hand corner, the official Bev-head symbol, which is what you are to use on the Bevboy's Blog fan page on Facebook. I really should more strongly promote its use, as it is part of my brand.

We are off to a movie this evening: the sneak preview of "Point Break", this one minus Keanu Reeves. I will tell you about it tomorrow.

See you then.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Post 3138 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Seven

Tonight we are having fun with memes.

The theme is memes.


I have got a kick out of memes for several years now, but haven't done much with them for some reason. I thought I would rectify that this evening because,well, it's Christmas, darn it.

I have thrown around this statement regarding my hair for a couple of years now. I like it. And I think it looks great in a meme. Too bad Teddy Kennedy used it all those years ago without attributing it to me, but them's the breaks.

I meant to tell you that we didn't go see the sneak preview of "Carol" last night. Patricia wasn't feeling well, and I was a little bummed about something, so I decided to stay in. Wednesday night, however, we are off to see a sneak of the remake of "Point Break", and we can hardly wait. Looks like a gas, man.

Perhaps, after the movie is over, the guy who gives us the tickets can pose for a Christmas tie pic with me. I know it will be important to him.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Post 3137 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Six

And... here we go.

These were taken in the last few minutes in front of my webcam. The WC had not worked in some time on this machine. I finally figured out that the graphics driver was out of date. Once I updated it, the problem with the machine crashing went away. As part of the problem, the webcam would simply not work. Problem solved. I figured it out on my own, which makes one in a row. You just know that Mike Cranston would have figured it out sooner than I did.

The webcam app I run is called cheese, and the latest version of it has enhanced the "effects" feature so that the image the webcam is capturing is shown in the format of the given effect. Looks pretty neat. And, as you can see, it shows off today's Christmas tie very well indeed, and in a context you normally don't get to see.

How was your day, anyway? What are you wearing? And how about them Blue Jays? Small talk has always been a problem for me, in case you hadn't noticed.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Post 3136 - Sunday

Hello. 10:36. Turning in shortly.

Long day. I woke up in the Valley and left the house late in the morning. I decided to have lunch in Wolfville at a place where I used to take Mom and have taken Patricia many times. This time, I was by myself. I decided to order take out for Patricia. I mentioned that she wasn't feeling well. Just before she left, a woman came over to me, put her hand on my shoulder, and told me she was sorry that my wife was so sick, especially at Christmas. I told her I appreciated her kind words, but that she was just a bit under the weather. Nice of the lady to be so compassionate, though.

I went to the Rainbow's End book store down the road. They recently moved across the street. Their old store, apparently, was smaller, but it had a unique charm to it that the new one doesn't have in abundance, yet. Maybe that's because I still think of it as the dollar store it was until they got pushed out a few months ago. Rainbow's End even has a few items from that dollar store that must have been left behind.

The bookstore has a much greater emphasis on new comics now. I bailed on buying comics quite a few years ago, and only got rid of all but a very few of them, two weeks ago. I am not about to start buying them again. Having stated that, they sure do have a lot of them at Rainbow's End. If I were still in the hobby/time-and-money-sucker, I would certainly buy from them. Not even sure if there is another place to buy new comics in the Valley.

They also have a nice collection of older mysteries at Rainbow's End, so I looked through them for a few minutes before I realized that nothing was grabbing me. There sure are a lot of what they call "cozies" featuring middle-aged single women and their cats. There is a whole sub-genre about that stuff. They must sell or nobody would buy them.

I returned to the city. Patricia was watching a movie on a channel she discovered last night that runs uncut, commercial-free movies from the 1980's. There is another channel featuring 1990's movies, and a third with stuff from the 00's. Either recently-added channels, or they had been there all along and we didn't know about them.

We sipped the expensive-as-heck egg nog from Fox Hill Cheese House that I had bought on Saturday. We both agreed it would taste even better with rum, so we may get some tomorrow. And I came downstairs and fell asleep in my recliner. Newbie jumped on top of me, and we fell asleep, which is why I am wide awake at 10:47.

We are heading into the last two working weeks of 2015. Five days this week, and 4.5 the next. Then, a full 10.5 days away from work. Yay.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow. I will tell you about the sneak preview of "Carol" that I won a double pass to see.


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Post 3135 - Mixed Emotions

Well, something that had been in the family for nearly 40 years is now off to a new home.

In 1976 our church decided to get a new organ. To defray the cost they decided to sell the old one. My father decided to buy the organ for about 200 dollars. For those who care, this was the now-former Canard United Church. A couple of years ago, the United Church shut it down and amalgamated that church and several others into a new United Church in New Minas. The parishioners at Canard fought back and purchased the church from the United Church, and founded their own congregation. I keep meaning to attend one of their services. I wish them all the best. And frig you, United Church of Canada!

Anyway, 39 years ago Dad brought it home and stuck it in the corner of the living room where it remained until this afternoon. Every once in a while, my father would turn on the church organ and pretend to play it. He would pump the foot pedal and press keys at random to give us the impression he was playing the organ. Waste of money.

 About 98% of the time the  organ just sat there in a corner. Mom would store her magazines in  the bench. Eventually she would keep her diabetic supplies on top of the organ.

The years passed. After my father died in 2010, mom was here living there by herself. The organ still sat there but was never used. After my mother died in January, I wondered what to do with the stupid church organ. I would never use it again.

In the last couple of months I started to look for a way to get rid of it, to find a new home for it.  I didn't just want to throw it out in the garbage because I knew it was a quality item that would be useful to somebody. About 2 weeks ago, a guy in Halifax expressed an interest in the church organ, but he wanted me to transport it to him in Halifax and then he would decide whether or not to accept it. First of all I had no way to transport the church organ to Halifax. I was willing to give it away but I had no means of getting it to anyone so that person who ever wanted it would have to come here to the house and pick it up.

At about the same time a woman in Halifax expressed an interest in the church organ is well. While I was recovering from my cold this week she wrote me and asked if it was still available. I told her it was, and perhaps she could drop by the house today and pick it up.

She was writing an exam today so she sent two of her friends to come pick it up. They arrived here around 4:30. Their names are Dominick and Tim. It took all three of us to get the church organ on to the back of the truck. However, beforehand they said that the church organ sounded great and that Piper would be very happy with the church organ. Tim also likes to play music. I made him promise that once they get the church organ situated, that Piper and Tim would invite Patricia and me over to play it for us. Because that would be the first time that's church organ had ever been used in a professional way since Dad bought it in 1976.

As they drove away with the church organ, I felt a twinge of sadness. Yet another item from my childhood is gone. The house by definition is a little bit empty here this evening. I do not regret giving away the church organ,  but I will still miss it a little bit. However, I am far happier to see the church organ going to a good home. I am confident that the person receiving it will make much better use of it than we ever did.

I  thought I would enclose some pictures from today's activities to show you what the guys look like and what the church organ look like. And I promise to hold them to their promise to show us what the church organ sounds like when is played by someone who gives a s***.

I was going to return to the city this evening, but I'm still getting over my cold so I think I'll just hang around here tonight and watch Netflix.

You folks have a good evening. I will talk at you tomorrow


Friday, December 11, 2015

Post 3134 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Five


Ah.  That's better.

We are back home after a lovely partial evening at Casino Nova Scotia.

It wasn't the plan, though.

The plan was for us both to go to Historic Properties after work, there to see the place all lit up nice and pretty. But, alas, there was no place to park downtown, so we drove further up Lower Water Street and parked at Casino Nova Scotia. We were both peckish, so after we spent some money at the slots (I lost 10 bucks, while Patricia lost 20), we made our way over to the Trapeze restaurant, in the casino.

The prime rib was excellent, and was 3 dollars off with a players card. Plus, you got a 10 dollar voucher toward more gambling in the casino afterward, so you could look at the meal as costing 15 dollars instead of 25, instead of 28. It came with Yorkshire pudding, one good size dollop of garlic mashed potatoes, butter nut squash, and a few other veggies. I had water and a virgin Caesar to drink, while Patricia had water and a Grinch (a sweet green drink with some kind of liquor in it that she could not finish because it was too sweet and she is already sweet enough, thank you very much.)

After the dinner, I got these pics taken by the restaurant's Christmas tree.

We decided to use the 10 dollars that had been rebated to us. We returned to the self-same slot machines that had robbed us earlier. I lost that ten dollars as well, but since it was not really my money, kinda sorta, I didn't feel badly. Meanwhile, Patricia made an additional 10 dollars, so it was kinda sorta like not losing the 20 dollars she had lost earlier in the evening. She was pleased.

The parking was paid for for another 30 minutes or so, but I reckoned that the walk from the casino to Historic Properties might be too much for us, so I opted to leave the parking space at the casino and try our luck getting a space downtown. 

Ha. The fool, me.

We drove around for a good 30 minutes, and no spaces were available. Only when we started on the way home did Patricia turn to me and ask why the hell I had given up that nice space when it would only have cost us a little more to park there a bit longer, go to the historic properties, and then trudge back to the car? The time we had spent fruitlessly searching for a parking space would have been a good chunk toward that time we could have spent having fun at the historic properties.

Have you ever been asked a question that is so logical, so laden with good reasoning and sound thinking, that there is literally no valid response you can give that doesn't make you look like a dolt for even attempting to respond? You can say nothing; you cannot grunt or fart or blink; you cannot snort or sneeze or scratch; there is not one blessed thing you can do to respond to that question, that most simple question. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

We drove home in silence, with Patricia's baleful eye fixed on me with a look of disappointment, frustration, pity and contempt. 

I am down in my home office. Patricia is in the living room upstairs. I threw some jeans in the washing machine in the laundry room next door. And I am a little afraid to go upstairs for fear of saying or doing something else that would only reinforce Patricia's perception of me at the moment. Perhaps there is an errant booger hanging off my nose, or the half-Windsor knot on this tie is at best a 33% Windsor, or maybe Newbie cooked something really nifty for dinner and wants to show me up.  I am sure it will be something.

It always is.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Post 3133 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Four


I am back to work after 3 sick days. I was feeling like crapola since Sunday. That's why I didn't produce any fresh material for you. I know you care, deeply and passionately, when I do not write. I know you don't give a flying fig newton, when I do write. It is a quandary.

Anyway, here I am, back at work. Just to prove it is I and not some horrible twin you may have heard about, running around pretending to be me, I am holding aloft an official Bevboy's Blog business card, because I guarantee that they have NOT been produced by some other person and passed off as his own. It is a despicable thing, stealing my intellectual property like that. I oughta sue. 

I may as well re-mention my policy which is that I am happy to mail to you an envelope full of these business cards to anyone in the world who drops me an email and requests some. Just email me here, give me your mailing address, and I will pop some in the mail to you toot sweet. I do this because I love you and I care. And I think that having some business cards that I have personally touched with my own dna is a gift that keeps on giving.

Thursday already. Which means that tomorrow is... damn, what day? Uh.. Friday? Friday? Is that right? It is Friday tomorrow?

I will see you then.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Post 3132 - Sunday

Definitely not feeling well tonight.

I have been sleeping most of the day. Here it is, nearly 10:30, and I just had my dinner, some delicious soup Patricia made.

I have a cold or something or other. I feel like crap. And while I don't like to predict such things, I may end up taking a sick day tomorrow. I don't know yet. People don't usually appreciate co-workers who are coughing and snotting and gobbing all day, especially in an office where the windows don't open.

Been streaming Christmas Pops music from my tablet to my bluetooth sound bar. Been soothing me to sleep. I think I will go back and do that for a while longer.

See you tomorrow, or soon.


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Post 3131 - Saturday

Hi. Ten pm. Going to bed soon.

Not feeling well tonight. We stepped out to go to a craft show today and were gone for a big chunk of the day. We got back around supper time, and throughout the evening I have been feeling ever crappier.

I mean, you could forgive me for feeling crappy just for having gone to a craft show. People, mostly women, flock to these things and fawn over fatuous trinkets produced in someone's garage by people hoping they will sell said trinkets for enough money to justify the production of additional trinkets, which will attract more people who want to buy more of these trinkets, thereby perpetuating this horrendous process until the end of time.

I ended up spending quite a bit of time on a husband chair outside one of the main craft rooms. Another man sat next to me and we passed some time wondering what possesses people to produce crafts, and why anyone would want to purchase them. You know. Guy stuff.

Patricia did get some mixes though. You combine sour cream, mayo, and a package of these mixes and you get some amazing dips, that we sampled and enjoyed. The owner of the business, at this website, says you can make marinades using these mixes and all of a sudden you have an excellent meal. That, I can get behind!

We eventually returned to the city from Middle Musquodoboit and picked up something for dinner before returning here. And then the cold started to sweep over me.

Hey, I listened to CBC Weekend Mornings this morning. Bill Roach's first show as the new host of the program. They had a tall order, finding someone to fill the late Stan Carew's shoes. I really believe that Bill Roach, along with Deputy Doug Barron remaining as Producer, can do it. If you gave up listening because Allison Devereaux was not the right choice, then please give the show another chance. You will not regret it.

I think I will turn in. You have a good night. I will talk at ya tomorrow.


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Post 3130 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Three

Ah. The end of another very long day. So nice to get home and put on my jammies. And nothing says wearing jammies like wearing a Christmas tie.

As you can see, Newbie was in a festive mood and joined me. Very sweet of him.

I am not working on Friday. Patricia and I will be running the roads for a large chunk of the day. Likely no Christmas tie until Monday. Live with it, or at least be grateful you won't have to see one until then. But fear, not effendi: I will still write blog posts for your entertainment and edification.

See you tomorrow.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Post 3129 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day Two

Day two. Already?

Here I am at my Toastmasters meeting tonight. I am the one with the tie, in case you were wondering.

Good meeting tonight. The table topics were about Christmas. My question was, "What was your best Christmas?" I had no time to think about it, so I mentioned it was the Christmas of 1974, which fell on a Wednesday in case you were wondering. I got my first radio. I ended my TT by mentioning that I had five radios "in my home office, at home".  When people ask me why I have five radios in my home office, I tell them it was because the sixth one broke. I got dinged for redundancy by the Grammarian over the "home office, at home" comment. At our executive meeting afterward, the president teased me by saying he had a basement workshop in his basement. Silly times. Silly times. 

We have had our struggles lately. But we have picked up a few new members in recent weeks, and I sense some momentum building for us. We are not down and out, just yet. 

Oh, the lectern I'm leaning on? My father built that for the club, some 15 years ago. We still use it, all these years later.

You guys have a good evening. I will talk at ya tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Post 3128 - Bevboy's Christmas Tie Extravaganza 2015, Day One

And... here we are.


Day one.

This photo was taken by my friend Adam about an hour ago at the Metro Deli on Young Street, which is a short distance from my work. A bunch of us go there every day for coffee and, sometimes, breakfast. The food in front of me is not mine. It was for someone else, but I decided to use it as a prop.

Charlie runs the place and reads my blog on a regular basis. He saw me this morning and expressed disappointment that he was not my "first" this year. You are on the list, sir. Soon. I promise.

This is a picture of part of his most recent menu. It went up on Monday, but there are some unfortunate typo's that are not his fault. He will get them corrected, but in the meantime, they are selling gay men there for only 3 bucks. I am not sure what the corrected price will be. Or, maybe, just maybe, Charlie meant "hummus". Turns out that this delicacy can be spelled many different ways, including houmous (common in British English), hummous, hommos, humos, hommus and hoummos. Maybe Charlie selected one of those variant spellings, and the fool who actually produced the menu misinterpreted things.

I am sure it will be fixed soon. In the mean time, you can marvel at how some stupid people can be. Just don't blame Charlie. Not his fault.

You guys have a good day. Tomorrow... Day Two!!