Friday, January 2, 2015

Post 2861 - Friday


I hope you have had a nice couple of days. I have. I have done little, though, barely leaving the house. I have watched a few Seth Rogen movies. We just finished watching "Midnight in Paris" on Netflix, which is a minor classic directed by Woody Allen, long after most of his best work was behind him.

We took the tree down this afternoon. It went out this evening and is resting comfortably on the front deck until recycling day on Tuesday. During this process, I found a neglected Christmas present, which is some peppermint-laced white cream candies from Hickory Farm. Patricia bought them for me and forgot about them.

I forgot to mention something last week, so I will belatedly mention it now. This past Christmas marked 40 years since I got my first radio. I got a radio for a Christmas present when I was 10 years old, which was December 25, 1974. It was a Wednesday. 40 years later, my interest in the medium remains strong, and it has started to earn me some money, due to my part-time job.

I have written a rough, rough draft of my next Frank column. It will either be my best column, or my worst. Time will tell.

Tomorrow we will head in to town to get some victuals and maybe some munchies before returning here and watching another movie or 9. Good times. Good times.

See you tomorrow.


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