Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Post 2864 - Tuesday

Hi. Sorry I didn't write last night. My body kind of just shut down around 8:45 night, and I slept past my deadline.

I did spend time last night working on my column for Frank, and spent more time today during my lunch hour on it to boot. It is nearly done. Which is fine, because my deadline is Wednesday.

It has been crazy cold today. I put on a winter shirt, plus a hoodie, plus a winter coat, and I was still cold. It was so cold I actually had the heater on in the car this morning.

I am watching the first episode of "Marvel's Agent Carter". It is neat seeing how the various in jokes and so on fit in to the Marvel universe. I grew up reading Marvel comics. I do not pretend to catch all Easter eggs.

Newbie is running around here somewhere, terrorizing Patricia. Now that we are a one-cat household, he plays one of us against the other. I keep wondering what he would do if he had opposable thumbs and could prepare his own meals.

We are back to Toastmasters tomorrow, after our holiday break. I am looking forward to getting back to the routine.

That's it for tonight, folks.

See you tomorrow.


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