Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Post 2865 - Wednesday

I am home from my first Toastmasters meeting of 2015. It went really well. We had 11 members I think it was, plus a guest. It was a fun, jazzy meeting in which we debated the whole Dalhousie Dental Student controversy. It was interesting to see people who obviously felt one way, to have to defend the other.

Patricia was cooling her heels waiting for me at the Halifax Shopping Centre, so I had to leave my meeting around 7:10 and drive to her. I did, and encountered a woman at my work, in the food court. Talked to her and said I was looking for Patricia. "Check out the jewellery store. That's where you'll always find women.", she suggested. I did. Sure enough, Patricia was there. I took her over to meet Sonja, who gave me an I-told-you-look. She had never met Patricia before, but knew where she would be. A woman thing, I guess.

We drove home. I came down here to do a couple TM-related chores. Returned upstairs to watch an episode of "Two Broke Girls" with Patricia. My god, is there a worse situation comedy on the air than that piece of feces? Has there ever been a legitimate laugh on that show, any time, ever?

Earlier today, during my lunch hour, I sent off my most recent column to my editor at Frank Magazine. I have been having a hard time keeping my column down to the maximum wordage. There is just so much news most weeks. This time I have a special investigation on a situation that occurred in Halifax radio right after Christmas. There are quite a few aspects to this story that have not seen the light of day. I am just hoping that, as crazy long as this column is, that most of it makes it to print. Fingers crossed.

I almost feel I should get to work on my next column. It is due in a mere 14 days.

I guess that is it for this evening. Have a good night. Stay warm. If the bed bugs bite, just remember that they are an excellent source of protein. I mean, we are an excellent source of protein for them. I figure that turnaround is fair play.

See you tomorrow.


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