Thursday, January 8, 2015

Post 2866 - Thursday

I have eaten. I am showered and shaven. All ready to sit down to watch some Netflix, which I will do after I write this post.

How was your day? I got up a few minutes early so that I could take my car to the dealership service department. My Onstar told me that I needed an oil change, so I scheduled that along with a test to see how good my car's battery was. It has been very cold here lately, and the car starts but doesn't want to. The battery was original to the car, which is now 7 years old.

I got the call from Buddy at the service department around 8:45. As I suspected, the battery was on its last legs. It is a wonder it lasted this long. No car battery I have ever seen has lasted nearly as long as the one I retired this morning. The good news, though, was that the alternator was working very well.

$320 and 3 hours later, I got my car back. They went above and beyond the call of duty. They even re-programmed the presets in the radio (well, they missed one). They set the correct time, but missed PM/AM, so it was off by 12 hours. They did not set the correct date. But once again, I didn't expect them to do any of that stuff, so it was all good.

Patricia had an appointment after work. I killed some time at the Sally Ann on Green Street. They had a couple GE radios there, but I am more discerning lately.  There is a particular model of GE clock radio that I really like. They are not hard to find, but they don't show up every day or anything, either. Those clock radios are amazing. Patricia has one at the cottage; it goes back to her high school years and still works perfectly. Excellent sound quality. Another one is in my father's old workshop. After his death, we were going through his things in the workshop and discovered that radio in a pile of wood and cardboard and wood shavings and saw dust. I cleaned it off, sprayed a bit of WD-40 in the area where you tune the stations, and plugged it in. Set the time and the alarm, tuned it to a local station, and it has worked perfectly ever since. I have several more of those radios, here and in the Valley. If I came upon a dozen of them all at once, and they all worked, I would buy them all and get rid of some of the other radios I would no longer need. Just use these ones.

I have 5 radios in this little home office of mine. One of them is that same model of  GE clock radio. Two others are later GE clock radios that are still good, but not as good as the model I am discussing.

Tomorrow is Friday. The weekend. And a storm. Which means that my tentative plans to go to the Valley this weekend are in flux. It just depends. Not risking my life and new car battery and oil change on a pilgrimage to my home town.  That's just weird stuff.

You guys have a good evening. See you tomorrow.


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