Monday, January 12, 2015

Post 2868 - Monday

I feel good tonight.

The new Frank came out today. It has a long piece written by moi about the whole meltdown at Evanov Radio. There is an absolutely damning photograph with the piece that you should all check out. Then, remember that the people at the station all had to put up with that crap.

The new issue also features an original picture of the prophet Mohammed, along with reprints of some cartoons from Charlie Hebdo. Steve Murphy is fried up because of how the twice-divorced man handled the Mike Kydd story, leaving the poor man to twist in the wind. The co-wanker of the week is a richly-deserving Glen Canning because he reported this non-story involving Mike Kydd and "the other woman". My own column occupies nearly 2 full pages, and has several photographs. There is a great deal more material.

I got some good feedback on the column from my editor. He had asked me to put more passion into my column, and I tried to accommodate that request as well as report on the sorry state of affairs at Evanov that resulted in 3 jocks leaving the station within 24 hours (if you include Floyd, who really didn't leave until January 7th).

In my opinion, which is admittedly biased, this is the best issue of Frank magazine in several months. I do hope that you traipse down to your local news agent and purchase a copy of it come Wednesday, when the print edition comes out. Or you can go to their website and get a subscription for yourself, as I got one for my mother and my two sisters.

(No. I don't get a piece of the action for subscriptions I get people to agree to buy. I wish!)

My new car battery is working great. I suppose I could have coaxed another Winter out of the old one, but it is hard to say. With recent cold snaps, it could have failed me at any inopportune moment. The money I laid out last week was well spent.

There is not much else going on this evening, so I think I will turn in early. I am fighting a cold, and should try to sleep it off.

See you tomorrow.



TBDbyTBA said...

Looking forward to Wednesday. All be my first ever purchase of FRANK

Bevboy said...

Hi. Do I have a new reader? Do I know you?

Thanks for buying Frank. Be sure to let the editor know that you like my column.

All the best.