Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Post 2869 - Tuesday

How was your day?

I am half-watching "Schitt's Creek" on CBC. It is the mother corp's latest attempt to be hip and relevant but reminds me of a middle-aged guy who tries to be hip and relevant with younger people by dressing like Jian Ghomeshi and throwing around words like "imma" and "fo shizzle".  Which is to say that the show sucks, even though it has been renewed for season two already.  Something else to ignore on  Tuesday evenings.

I had meant to listen to Andrew Douglas on CKDU radio this evening on the way home, but by the time I tuned in the interview was over. I wonder how it went?

I want to address a question people ask me over and over. To wit: Why do I seldom include radio news on the blog any more? I thought the answer was obvious, but maybe not.  Since Frank Magazine has hired me to produce at least 800 words about radio every two weeks, for actual money, I feel that they should get exclusive access to the radio news I am able to research and report. For example, it was hours of work to produce the special report on Evanov radio for the current issue. I don't feel it is appropriate to turn around and give that news away here, because then the column in Frank would lose its value. Why would people plunk the better part of 5 bucks for an issue of Frank to get my radio column, when they could read it here for free?

I am on the fence about the little bits and pieces that get edited out of the published columns, though. For example, I did a paragraph about some interesting (to me at least) radio parings during the holidays, when most people are on vacation but stations still need to produce a morning show, so they get people from other day parts to come in and do it. It was not exactly a hard-hitting news item, but I thought it interesting enough to include it in the column I sent my editor. It didn't make it to the published version. Do I include it here? It is a question for my editor, so let me do that. I will report his answer here, yay or nay.

Otherwise, no, you will not see radio news here going forward. Buy Frank Magazine every two weeks.  Get used to it.

I guess that is it for this evening. Which works out, because it is time to watch "Marvel's Agent Carter".

See you tomorrow.


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