Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Post 2870 - Wednesday

Hello again.

Been a long day. Worked all day, and then after work went downtown to my where I have my bi-weekly Toastmasters meeting. We had a "purge party", where a few of us sat around and decided what TM detritus that had been accumulating for the last few years could be thrown out.

We threw out a lot of stuff. A lot. But there was one thing I had to keep for myself. Kinda sweet, actually. I read the minutes for the meeting on May 5 (or maybe 12), 2010. In the business arising from the minutes section, a motion was made to donate a sum of cash to the Annapolis Valley Hospice Foundation, in the name of my father, who had died days before. I had not seen those minutes because I had not been to that meeting.

We also ran across meeting minutes which our friend Holly Bartlett had attended. We saw the meeting meetings for the meeting which was her last. And, of course, we had to talk about her mysterious and untimely death, and how the various theories about how she died, just didn't make any sense.

Patricia showed up half way through and after eating something, pitched in and helped us. By 7:15 or so, we were done, and we drove home.

I have officially asked my editor the question regarding the posting of my Frank columns here on the blog. I pretty much knew what his answer would be, but I asked him anyway. As I expected, he wants the columns to remain in the magazine and behind Frank's paywall. Perfectly understandable. He does pay me for the right to publish my radio column, which is an original work that they pay to exist, and which they advertise on the website. It is only fair that they control how it is distributed.

I am certainly free to advertise here what will be in an upcoming column, to whet your appetite. That is perfectly legitimate. And if that helps sell some more issues of Frank, then that is all the better. And, one piece of good news  from him is that I am allowed to publish here the stories that my editor cuts because the column is running long or maybe he didn't think they warranted publication for whatever reason. Doesn't mean they aren't interesting stories. Just means that there is more interesting material in the column and there are only so many column inches to go around.

I know of one story that was cut for the current issue. I will publish it here on Thursday.

So, the bottom line, my lovelies, is that if you want to get radio news written by moi, then you will have to purchase Frank at the news stand, subscribe to the print edition, or subscribe to the digital edition. (I love the digital edition, by the way.) There is plenty of good material in Frank, and I recommend you check it out. And if you only read it for my column, then bless you, but read the other stuff any way. Even though paying for the magazine just to get my column is kinda neat, eh, wot?

If you want to subscribe, then go here and put in an order.

I guess that is it for this evening.

Keep smiling and I will see you tomorrow.


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