Monday, February 16, 2015

Post 2881 - Monday

Hello again, my friends.

I am feeling better today, but that is after feeling like drivel for the last 5 days. I went to work this past Thursday not because I was in the pink of health. I wasn't. But I knew it wouldn't look good to take a sick day the same week I returned to work plus the day before an already 4 day weekend was going to start.

I paid for this allegiance by practically collapsing Thursday night and sleeping nearly the entire day away on Friday. I had to gather my strength for the chore that awaited me Saturday morning. Even though Patricia begged me not to go, what with the impending storm and how I was feeling, I decided to go anyway?

Go where, you ask?

To the Valley. To the family dwelling.

I did that because I wanted to install a home security system down there. Long overdue. Now that Mom is gone, there is no need for anyone to be in that house when I am not around. So I got up much earlier on a Saturday than I am used to, cooked some breakfast for both of us, and headed off around 8am. The ADT guy showed up around 10am.

It took him a few hours to do his work, which I figured it would. I am not getting into the kind of security that's in place down there other than to state that it makes me happy to have it there. It would deter any normal person, and quite a few abnormal ones.

After he was finished, my body sorely needed rest, but I ignored it and instead bought a few things in Canning before doubling back and heading back to Halifax. I got back here around 3pm, and got undressed and slept for several hours. I got up in the evening to watch the first episode of "Foyle's War" on Netflix, and now I am wondering why I would wait all these years to catch this excellent program. Liked it so much we watched another episode/film on Sunday.

I turned in relatively early Saturday evening and slept for many more hours. Sunday I ate a little and girded my loins for last evening's The Walking Dead, which seems to have found a way to slow down its pace to a crawl in too many episodes in the last couple of seasons. Of course, the online fans are gushing over each little scene, so I am in the minority.

Another 10 hours or so of sleep over night brings us to Monday morning, where I got up and ate something else and showered and shaved and washed some dishes and came down here to work on my next Frank column and this here blog post.

I hate to state it, but I am looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. When a 4 day weekend becomes an exercise in getting over a massive head cold it isn't much fun, and returning to work means a return to a routine that doesn't involve sitting around waiting to get better.

I guess it's time to start preparing dinner, so I will let you go for now.

See you tomorrow.


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